LEAD Premier Network (LPN) Coaches

Our LEAD Premier Coaches are a group of highly skilled and experienced coaches who work collaboratively with Dr. Holder to provide comprehensive programs and services. They have contracted to provide services exclusively through Duke PPDP. Each member of our coaching team has substantial experience working in a variety of coaching niche areas and settings, have behavioral health backgrounds, group-team experiences, and are credentialed coaches. Read on to learn more about our LEAD Premier Coaches.

Judith C. Holder
PPDP Program & LEAD Director

Judith is insightful, personable, and results-oriented. She appreciates humor and exhibits a holistic, straight-forward approach to her coaching engagements. She enjoys collaborating with physicians, high potentials, healthcare, and corporate professionals on the unique challenges, stressors and interpersonal experiences they face as leaders and managers in team-organizational work environments. Read Dr. Holder’s full bio


Peter Metzner

Peter has a practical, down-to-earth style with experiential learning that helps clients implement behaviors, which lead to individual and organizational effectiveness. Peter’s positive, safe, and insightful approach enhances awareness of self and others and facilitates professional and personal growth. Clients realize greater interpersonal effectiveness leading to greater leadership and team performance. Read Mr. Metzner’s full bio


Marjorie Scheer

In Marjorie’s coaching engagements she comes to know the client and the client’s hopes and aspirations. She will help the client stay clear and focused, treat the client with respect and compassion, and challenge the client when necessary to help him/her reach their stated goals. Read Ms. Scheer’s full bio


Andrea Shaw

Andrea is known for her wisdom and humor. Her coaching style is warm, direct, honest, and respectful creating an open, safe, non-judging relationship. She believes that change happens when the individual feels understood, cared for, and respected. Read Dr. Shaw’s full bio


Laura Wimbish

Laura works with organizations that want to develop leadership competencies, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills in their leaders and managers. Laura’s focus is on developing leadership potential in the workplace by helping people to transcend self-limiting perceptions, attitudes, and interpersonal behaviors. Read Dr. Laura’s full bio