Employee Assistance Program (EAP Fee-For-Services)

Duke Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a solution focused, brief therapy model. EAP services are best suited for those concerns which can be resolved within a short period of time. Duke EAP also offers referrals to an outside provider for problems requiring medication and/or issues which are best addressed by long-term, open-ended psychotherapy and/or group psychotherapy.

Stress, presenteeism, burnout, anger outbursts, role ambiguity, co-worker and supervisor-employee challenges, workload demands, couple/marital distress, relationship concerns, parenting, elder care concerns, and retirement uncertainty are some of the many life occurrences taking place in employee lives. These are some of the areas Duke EAP focuses on in serving the needs of employees and their immediate family members.

EAP services are usually paid for by your employer. All full-time employees and their immediate family members (insurance eligible) are eligible for the EAP fee-for-services. These services can include employee orientation, team building, helping managers manage (management consultation), HR support, and critical incident debriefing.


Duke EAP will protect your confidentiality to the fullest extent.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

  • –  Imminent Danger to Self or Others
  • –  Child or Elder Abuse or Neglect
  • –  Authorized Legal Access

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment or talk with someone regarding our services, call EAP at (919)-286-1244.