PPDP Well-Being Services


Many say that our lives are speeding up with more demands on our time because of greater expectations of ourselves and of others, and increased distractions through work interruptions and social media. Our brains and bodies seem to be “on” 24/7, resulting in greater susceptibility to fatigue, chronic stress leading to burnout and an array of cognitive, affective, interpersonal and physical health challenges, which either subtly and overtly impacts work performance.

Do you know your signs and symptoms of stress? Do you know when you subtly slip in engaging in peak performance? Better yet, how do you move out of the circle of reacting to life’s challenges at work and or home, and into the driver’s seat of navigating your life’s adventures?

Duke PPDP Personal Well-Being and Professional Resilience (PWB-PR) for Physician and Nurse Leaders Program are customized services to meet each leader’s aspirations for a greater sense of well-being, which can include cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. Brain science awareness, values integration, and innovational technologies and strategies are key drivers using the UP-LiFT™ methodology developed by Program Director Dr. Judith Holder in her work with physicians, nurses, and allied health care professionals to ground them in a progressive approach to living a life of resilience.

Duke PPDP Personal Well-Being and Professional Resilience (PWB-PR) for Physician and Nurse Leaders Program are services delivered through coaching and workshops. They can also be customized for professionals and staff members interested in personal and professional well-being working in stressful, high demand work environments.

What is Well-Being and Resilience Coaching?

It is a form of Wellness Coaching which focuses on assisting you to reach your goals, to examine how you approach problems and challenges in your life, and to embrace self-care, agility, and healthy lifestyle behaviors to achieve you optimal performance. A Duke PPDP Wellness Coach assists and supports you in creating and sustaining physical, mental, and emotional coping approaches to well-being and resilience as you move through your personal and professional life.

Unlike therapy, which addresses past issues and situations, PWR-BR coaching focuses on the present with a look toward the future and what you want to accomplish to reduce stress, sustain a healthy lifestyle, and achieve success.

The Coaching Experience

Coaching supports you in achieving results and in sustaining behavioral changes. The Duke PPDP coaching experience takes a holistic view of a person’s life with an emphasis toward producing actions that uncover the uniqueness of each person. Your coach helps you take specific actions that facilitate growth, success, and satisfaction. Between coaching sessions you take agreed-upon steps in the fulfillment of your goals with a renewed sense of accomplishment. Each coaching experience is designed to accommodate your personal values, goals, and motivations.

Duke PWB-PR Coaching can assist you in:

  • – Staying focused on your personal needs, values, and vision
  • – Defining personal wellness health-care habits and practices
  • – Understanding and applying the UPLiFT™ approach to resilience, hardiness, and stress
  • – Developing an action plan to sustain your well-being
  • – Working through the inevitable changes and obstacles that might arise in implementing your
    personalized plan into your life
  • – Learning how to gain  a healthy balance between your personal and professional life
  • – Bringing out your best to achieve personal fulfillment through accountability strategies


Duke PWB-PR Interactive Workshops assist you in:

  • – Understanding the interface between stress, neuroscience, well-being and longevity
  • – Delve into your wellness story around personal and work stress and resilience
  • – Explore triggers, barriers, derailers, blind spots to achieving your greater sense of personal and
    professional well-being
  • – Personalize what needs to be upregulated and downregulated in your life to achieve a greater    sense of well-being.
  • – Gain clarity around the types of conservation of resources and the UpLiFT method to well-being along   with steps to designing a tailored action plan.

Time & Frequency of Coaching Sessions

Coaching can take place telephonically or in person, based upon your schedule.  Coaching sessions are typically in increments of 30 and 45 minutes; but can be longer.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs and the pace with which you are comfortable.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or once a month.  A personalized, customized program can be designed to meet your specific lifestyle needs. Our wellness coaching system allows you to fit the coaching into your schedule and desire for wellness advancement.

Time & Frequency of Workshops

Interactive Workshops are offered as either in one-3-to-4 hour workshop or two, 90-minute to two-hour workshops. Also, one-day and multiple day workshops can be designed for leaders, professionals, employees and nonprofit groups wanting a deeper dive. Pricing of workshops is inclusive of custom design, handouts, administrative time and coordination, set-up and travel time within a 15-mile radius.

For additional information or to schedule a 15-20 minute consult to discuss your areas of interest and answer questions you might have, please contact us at 919-286-1244. You can also send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with a description of your interest and in the subject line write “PWB-PR Services”. We look forward to hearing from to discuss how we can support your personal and professional well-being, as well as, your team or group.