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Duke PPDP believes people are the greatest resource and asset in any organization. In today’s demanding work environment, organizations (e.g., healthcare and corporate work cultures) are most successful when their professionals have the skills to both manage appropriately the technical demands of their job, and excel in interacting with others, whether patient, family members, external customers, superiors, cross functional teams, subordinates, or co-workers. A professional who is able to manage the challenges of his/her work relationships along with personal and family life effectively will be able to devote more energy towards meeting the needs of the organization.

All the programs and services offered throughout our website have been researched and designed by Dr. Holder over the years in providing coaching, consultation, workshops and trainings to an array of clientele.

Our Work with Leaders and Managers

We work with leaders and managers to assess the specific challenges you and /or your employees face, and in creating people-focused solutions to those challenges. Our services include coaching and consultation to executives,  leaders, directors, managers, frontline supervisors, along with interactive trainings and workshops for groups, as well as, customized services.

Duke PPDP will customize workshops, presentations and seminars to meet your particular needs. Most workshops are offered in a ninety minute, two hour, half-day and full-day format.

Example of Services offered

  • –  Executive, Leadership Development, and Life Coaching (LEAD Programs)
  • –  Management & Supervisor Coaching
  • –  Leader and Team Enhancement Coaching
  • –  Interpersonal and Communication Coaching
  • –  Performance Coaching
  • –  Stress and Healthcare Burnout Coaching
  • –  Emotional and Social Intelligence Development around Specific Competencies
  • –  Stress Resilience and Work-Life Balance
  • –  Developing Women Leaders Coaching and Consultation
  • –  Women Physician Work-Life Coaching
  • –  Anger and Stress Management Coaching
  • –  Mindfulness Based Approaches to Professional and Personal Wellness
  • –  Management Development Coaching
  • –  Effective Communication and Conflict Management for Managers
  • –  Professional and Team Consultation
  • –  Professional Development Workshops and Workshops, such as:
  •            –  Understanding Self and Others in Team Environments
  •            –  Neuroscience of Communication Intelligence
  •            –  Getting Started on Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
  •            –  Leading with Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Strategy in Successful Teams


We look forward to partnering with you to provide exceptional services!


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