Message from the Director

Dr. Judith Holder

Dr. Judith Holder

Thank you for your interest in our programs and services. I would like to provide a brief history regarding the evolution of our services in providing occupational mental health psychology, professional and personal development services (including executive, leadership development, performance, communication and interpersonal effectiveness coaching), personal and professional growth workshops/trainings and consultation services for leaders, managers, faculty, health care professionals and employee workforces, both in the local community and throughout the United States.


At the Duke Occupational Mental Health Programs (Duke PPDP & Duke EAP) through the use of consultation, education, workshops, short-term therapy, assessments and coaching, we offer interactive, dynamic and culturally sensitive services. We are committed to proactively collaborating and supporting individuals and groups in addressing their needs.

Our goal is to prevent small problems from becoming larger ones; help leaders and supervisors manage workplace dynamics, team, and performance issues; and to provide stressed and concerned employees with the assistance they may need to improve their professional, personal and/or work lives.


In 1982, Duke formed the Occupational Mental Health Programs (OMHP) to address CEO, human resource consultants’, managers’, supervisors’, and employees’ concerns occurring in the workplace and at home impacting productivity, performance and life satisfaction.

Purchasers of Duke OMHP services who are not familiar with Duke’s organizational structure sometimes assume that we are a part of the Duke Psychiatry Department or Duke Hospital and have a vested interest in referring clients into the Duke system. In fact, as a part of the Department of Community and Family Medicine, our division has a long-standing commitment to professional development, short-term outpatient care (EAP services), and to community-based services. For over 30 years the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) has served thousands of organizations throughout the United States, working collaboratively with community professionals, public and private sector institutions, and self-help organizations to provide consultation, coaching, prevention, early intervention, and clinical services.

In 1985, Duke Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was expanded to provide employer-based employee-assistance services to businesses outside of Duke and developed EAP behavioral health provider networks across the continental United States. Recently, with the changes in the healthcare landscape, a decision was made to offer customized fee-for-service EAP services only to small organizations in the local RTP area.

In 2002, Duke OMHP diversified its services to offer the Duke Professional and Personal Development Program (PPDP) services to professionals locally and throughout North America. These services consist of executive, leadership development, performance, team/group, communication, interpersonal, and life coaching, consulting, training and workshop offerings to individuals, groups, and professionals throughout the United States. These services have steadily increased as our EAP national services has reduced to become fee-for-service in the local area.

We look forward to you using our services and partnering to provide exceptional service to you, your team, and organization!

Best Regards,

Judith C. Holder, PhD

Note: Duke OMHP is the title given to our organization as we operate under the umbrella of Duke University School of Medicine. We contract with departments, divisions, institutes, community groups and external organizations, as well as, individuals to provide an array of professional and personal development services and programs, and limited EAP fee-for-services. Duke PPDP and EAP are subsidiaries of Duke OMHP.