LEAD Team Coaching, Professional Development, Group Workshops, and Trainings

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

“There is an amazing beauty and strength in diversity. Everyone has something special to offer, everyone has a gift that can add value to the organization, community and even the world. People with different tribe, race, religion and nationality can come together and accomplish something extraordinary. The key is the culture of unity and team work.”  –Farshad Asl

Building Team Cohesion

LEAD Coaching and Consulting works with all types of teams and groups to build cohesion and refine skills. Groups of people and employees come together for a common purpose whether it is newly formed groups or intact teams. Most members in the group or team desire harmony, productivity, interpersonal effectiveness, and task-mission completion. Groups move through forming, norming, storming, and performing stages in their development, and can cycle back through these phases as new people come into the group or team. Each of these stages has feelings, behaviors, and tasks associated with team advancement and development.

Five Team Pitfalls

In addition, the degree of progressing through these stages, also involves five pitfalls (or dysfunctions): 1) absence of trust, 2) fear of conflict, 3) lack of commitment, 4) avoidance of accountability, and 5) inattention to results (Lencioni, 2002), which needs to be taken into consideration when working with your team. Both the stage of the team and potential team-group pitfalls are what LEAD coaching and consultants explore along with other essential keys to understanding and developing productive, high performance teams and groups. We assess and design workshops and/or training programs that support the advancement of you and your team, department, division, or institute.

Send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” or call 919.286.1244 to discuss the specifics of your situation and learn how we can support you in your role and with your group or team(s). Ask about our annual retainer.