LEAD Clinician-Researcher and K-Scholar Coaching Program for Faculty and Fellows

                  Key Competencies for Clinician-Researchers in Leadership Development


Duke LEAD Clinician-Researchers and K-Scholars Coaching Program is a customized program designed to develop and maximize research faculty, residents and fellows leading abilities and lab team cohesiveness through the leader’s social- and self-awareness, refinement of interpersonal skills, style, presence, and impact on others. Through actively using experiences from the professional’s work life and team dynamics, there will be ample opportunity for the leaders to apply and refine specific leadership competencies and skills.

LEAD Researchers and Scholars Coaching Program is focused on supporting you in understanding yourself as a leader, including traits, values, strengths, vision and strategy in leading, along with integrating emotional intelligence competencies, and discovering, developing and engaging in effectively managing people, lab team(s) and/or clinic(s). Career advancement and performance for seasoned and emerging leaders coalesces around understanding core self, interpersonal skills and work-organizational ingenuity (e.g., in research collaborations, staff management and lab-team productivity and culture).

This program can also support the development of individual lab and team (staff) members’ interpersonal, social and performance advancement.


Send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” or call 919.286.1244 to discuss the specifics of your situation and learn how we can support you in your role and with your group or team(s).

Ask about our retainer program for coaching and team development for your lab and/or scholars!