Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Individual Coaching for Faculty, Staff, Business and Health Care Professionals

LEAD coaching services believes there is an art to coaching that allows the individual, team, and group to achieve outstanding results. It begins with LEAD coaches helping each individual to gain greater clarity and awareness of impact and presence. LEAD individual coaching focuses on your uniqueness and the particulars of your situation and partners with you to achieve your professional and personal goals at work, home, and in life.

Our trained, certified and experienced coaches help you to establish attainable goals and provide support to you in many areas of your work and personal life, including, but not limited to…

    • Honing leadership skills and development
    • -Refining management strategies
    • -Gaining personal and professional empowerment
    • -Building successful teams
    • -Developing greater self-confidence
  • Engaging in strategic thinking and planning
  • -Navigating in political and complex systems
  • -Supporting career transition or promotion into new roles and responsibilities
  • -Initiating wellness tools around personal initiatives and/or health and vitality maintenance
  • -Developing assertiveness behaviors
  • -Moving from a sense of being an imposter to self-assuredness and authenticity at work
  • -Enhancing communication and interpersonal skills
  • -Discovering alternative approaches to time and organizational management
  • -Fine tuning work-life integration
  • -Reducing personal and professional fatigue and burnout
  • Reducing stress and enhancing resilience strategies
  • -Learning how to utilize mindfulness and centering tools to maintain composure
  • -Moving from “no voice” or being invisible in meetings and/or with your boss to cultivating an assertive  voice and relationship building approach
  • -Learning to overcome blocks in communication to expression of one’s self more effectively
  • Reducing unproductive emotions and behaviors (e.g., anger, negativity, defensiveness) to productive behaviors in the midst of working in complex, high stakes work environments
  • -Improving personal and professional relationships with colleagues and family members
  • -Overcoming shyness and/or quietness
  • -Gaining greater awareness about specific social and emotional competencies to be more effective at work and home
  • -Taking initiative to explore pre-retirement issues to have greater satisfaction during the “third-half” of a professional’s life.


We are here to support you in having greater balance, happiness, presence and mastery in your personal, professional and life’s interest and goals. Ask about pricing for our individual sessions and LEAD packages.

Send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest, and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” or call 919.286.1244 to discuss the specifics of your situation and learn how we can support you in your role and with your group or team(s).