Overview of the Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Programs and Services for Physicians, Health Care and Business Professionals

LEAD Programs are geared to professionals interested in executive, leadership, communication, interpersonal and/or life coaching activities for either themselves, direct reports or others in their organization, or who may be in transition (e.g., promotion, return to work after maternity leave, pre-retirement, succession planning). LEAD offers coaching packages that are customized based upon the needs of the individual and feedback from superiors and others impacted by the individual in the work environment. This may include 360 multi-rater assessment(s) such as Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks and Skillscope, TiLT 365, Checkpoint 365, Hogan, and other assessments such as FIRO-Business, Professional and Life Values Inventories, and other measures based upon your circumstance.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching helps professionals achieve results and sustain life-changing behaviors at work and in life. By employing a holistic view to your life, coaching emphasizes producing actions that uncover unique qualities and talents. Your LEAD coach will help you identify specific actions to facilitate growth, success and satisfaction. Each coaching engagement experience is designed to accommodate your professional and personal values, goals, and motivations.

Unlike therapy, which addresses past issues and situations, coaching focuses on the present with a look toward the future and what you wish to accomplish to reduce stress, enhance your skill-set, sustain a healthy lifestyle and achieve success.

Consultation Services

Consultation activities through the PPDP services focuses upon supporting professionals working in team environments and wishing to enhance their approach to managing “people concerns” and sub-optimal performance issues with employees. You can elect to retain an executive, leadership, organization coach-consult for a single engagement or hire for a three, six, nine, twelve-month engagement based upon the needs of you and/or your group.

Types of LEAD Coaching and Consulting focus:

    • -Executive, Leadership, and Life Coaching
    • -Management & Supervisor Development and Coaching
    • -Graduate Medical Education Coaching and Consulting
    • -Research Faculty and Scholars’ Coaching and Consulting
    • -Advance Practice Nurses’ Leadership Development
    • -Performance Coaching
    • -Team and Organization Consultation
    • -Team Development
    • -Individual and Team Mediation
    • -Communication & Conflict Management for Managers
    • -Stress Management and Resilience
    • -Work-Life Balance-Flow
    • To schedule a coaching session or to find out more about coaching package or consultation engagements please explore the rest of our website, call 919.286.1244, or send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” and share the specifics of your situation. Learn how we can support you in your role and with your group or team(s).