LEAD PEAK© Consultation for GME Program Directors and Residency Coordinators

LEAD Program Directors-Coordinators VisualGME Program Directors, Coordinators and Staff Consultation

One of the areas that is both rewarding and can be frustrating is the people component of a Resident Director’s and Coordinator’s role. In the midst of providing support to residents and fellows and the joy of mentoring others, the director and coordinator usually wear multiple hats with various responsibilities and an ongoing push to juggle many balls while simultaneously completing your day-to-day activities, including precepting, attending multiple meetings, working in clinic(s), and trying to stay ahead of administrative duties and GME requirements.

LEAD consultants collaborate with program directors, assistant directors, and coordinators to maximize their thinking in coming up with solutions to challenging issues and decisions about a resident’s or fellow’s performance, interpersonal dynamics, and future. The LEAD consultant can’t make the final decision for you, but the consultant can assist with many of the processes, behavioral nuances and steps that lead up to your decision. The consultant can also provide support with refining certain professional areas or skill-sets.

Examples of ways the consultant can collaborate with you in –

– Ensuring the appropriate level of inquiring, questioning, and gathering of information

– Sharpening your awareness of early signs of distressed, disruptive, or sub-optimal behaviors

– Honing your conflict management and resolution skills

– Using effective communication skills when discussing challenging content with a physician resident or fellow

– Preparing for difficult meetings and dialogue with residents, fellows, and other staff members

– Giving effective performance feedback that takes into consideration the neuroscience of behavior working in medium to high stress and complex work environments

  • – Honing a particular skill-set in your educational, mentoring, and clinical role(s).


Send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” or call 919.286.1244 to discuss the specifics of your situation and learn how LEAD PEAK© consultation can support you in your role.

Ask about Dr. Holder providing a presentation-workshop on Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) as a Coaching and Consulting Resource Strategy for Resident Directors and Coordinators.