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Overview of the Leadership and Enhancement Development (LEAD) Program for Physicians, Health Care and Business Professionals

LEAD Programs are geared to professionals interested in executive, leadership and/or life coaching activities for either themselves, direct reports or others in their organization or who may be in transition (e.g., promotion, return to work after maternity leave, pre-retirement, succession planning). LEAD offers coaching packages that are customized based upon the needs of the individual and feedback from superiors and others impacted by the individual in the work environment. This may include 360 multi-rater assessment(s) such as Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks and Skillscope, TiLT 365, Checkpoint 360, Hogan, and other assessments such as FIRO-Business, Professional  and Life Values Inventories, and other measures based upon your circumstance.  Read more here…..


Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Individual Coaching for Faculty, Staff, Business and Health Care Professionals

LEAD coaching services believes there is an art to coaching that allows the individual, team, and group to achieve outstanding results. It begins with LEAD coaches helping each individual to gain greater clarity and awareness of impact and presence. LEAD individual coaching focuses on your uniqueness and the particulars of your situation and partners with you to achieve your professional and personal goals at work, home and in life.  Read more here…..


LEAD Program Packages for Physicians, Health Care and Business Professionals

We have many coaching packages from basic to comprehensive (e.g., Platinum Immersion and Coaching Packages) to offer our clientele, and each is designed to meet your or someone on your team’s professional and personal needs.  You let us know what you are wanting and we will design a package within your price range.  We have the coaches, experience and talent to help you to achieve your goals.  Read more here…..


LEAD Duke-Johnson and Johnson Nursing Leadership Program Services

Duke LEAD provides custom designed leadership and skills development programs for departments, divisions, teams, centers, institutions based upon your needs.  The Duke-Johnson and Johnson program package is an example.

LEAD Silver Package Targeted Coaching and Leadership Development Program for Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Duke LEAD director partnered with the administrators in the Duke-Johnson and Johnson program to offer leadership development seminar-workshops and customized leadership coaching for their fellows.  Read more here…..


LEAD Clinician-Researcher and K-Scholar Coaching Program for Faculty and Fellows

Key Competencies for Clinician-Researchers in Leadership Development

Duke LEAD Clinician-Researchers and K-Scholars Coaching Program is a customized program designed to develop and maximize  clinician-researchers faculty, residents and fellows leading abilities and lab team cohesiveness through leader self-awareness and refinement of  interpersonal skills, style, presence,  and impact on others. Through actively using  experiences from the professional’s work life and research collaborative endeavors as well as incorporating areas of expressed interest for refinement by the leader, there will be ample opportunity for the K-Scholar leaders to apply and refine specific leadership competencies and skills.  Read more here…..


LEAD PEAK© Performance Coaching and Consulting Program for Residents and Fellows

Coaching is a beneficial way to refine skills, abilities, enhance performance and explore some of the listed topics below, along with providing time for self-reflection and examine future career directions. Coaching conversations focus on helping the resident and fellow discover answers for themselves with the support from their coach.  Read more here…..


LEAD PEAK© Consultation for GME Program Directors and Residency Coordinators

GME Program Directors & Coordinators Consultation

One of the areas that is both rewarding and can be frustrating is the people component of a Resident Directors and Coordinators role. In the midst of providing support to residents and fellows and the joy of mentoring others, the director and coordinator usually wears multiple hats with various responsibilities and ongoing push to juggle many balls while simultaneously completing your day-to-day activities, including precepting, attending multiple meetings, working in clinics and trying to stay ahead of multiple administrative duties and GME requirements.  Read more here…..


LEAD CLEAR© Management Consultation-Coaching for Those Who Supervise Others’ Services

We support you in achieving your best with others!

Leading and managing others for new and seasoned professionals can have many twist and turns along the road of supervising others. Supervising involves working with many types of personality styles on your team, many types of unexpected events coming to the surface, and interesting personality dynamics in team or group settings. The ultimate desire is for all to accomplish tasks, complete long term projects and have a sense of forward progress in the midst of an ongoing changing healthcare and corporate landscapes. Getting the task done is a small but significant component of effective leadership and team engagement. Heighten productive moving into peak performance of individuals and teams involve understanding the obvious and submerged dynamics taking place in the workplace.  Read more here…..


LEAD Team Coaching, Professional Development, Group Workshops and Trainings

LEAD Coaching and Consulting works with teams and groups to build cohesion and refine skills. Groups of people and employees come together for a common purpose whether it is newly formed groups or intact teams.  Most members in the group or team desire harmony, productivity, interpersonal effectiveness and task-mission completion.  Groups move through a forming, norming, storming and performing stages in their development, and can cycle back through this phases as new people come into the group or team.  Each of these stages have feelings, behaviors and tasks associated with team advancement and development.  Read more here…..


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