Welcome to the Duke Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Coaching & Consulting Services

We Believe You Deserve the Best!

Duke LEAD Coach-Consultants are committed, insightful, and results-oriented! We are more than “just coaches”. Our behavioral health backgrounds, decades of professional experience, familiarity with group dynamics, and coach certifications uniquely positions us as champions for your individual and team resilience. Through your unique story, we partner with you, your team or group to accelerate positive change, create a “LEAD transformative uplift” in achieving your goals and will go the extra mile with you to maximize your success!

Making a Difference in Your Work, Family, and Life

Our expertise and high quality of programs and services enables us to offer individuals, teams, groups, associations, institutes, and organizations a range of coaching, training and consulting services to assist with building and maintaining healthy and productive work environments. These services can be provided in-person, telephonically, onsite, and/or off site. We work collaboratively to understand the needs of each individual, team and organization and tailor services that are “just right” for you or your group. Our experienced, innovative and dedicated staff are available to assist with customizing a response to your unique individual and business need.

PPDP Services Overview

We work with all levels in an organization on many types of issues. For example:

Self-Awareness Leadership Development Group Dynamics Interpersonal Effectiveness
Personal Impact Improving Performance Self-Limiting Beliefs Anger Management
Self-Confidence Imposter Syndrome Work-Life Balance Workplace Cultural Challenges
Managing Direct Reports Troubled Employees Public Speaking Identifying Blind Spots
Team Development Diversity Issues Personal Growth Emotional Intelligence Competencies
Team Conflicts Communication Assertiveness Conflict Management
Team Coaching Managing Workload Self-Care & Wellness Time and Energy Management
Succession Planning Stress Management Life Transitions Professional Burn Out
Procrastination Strategic Vision Navigating Politics Career Direction


PPDP Services also include:

  • –  Customized Designed Coaching Packages for Leaders, Managers, and Teams
  • –  Consultation Services
  • –  Leader and/or Team Development
  • –  Manager Development
  • –  Training of Professionals
  • –  Health Care and Corporate Workshops/Presentations


Send an email to DukePPDP@duke.edu with your interest and in the subject line write “LEAD Programs” or call 919.286.1244 to discuss the specifics of your situation and learn how LEAD coaching and consulting services can be of assistance.

Duke’s Professional & Personal Development Program (PPDP) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are part of the Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine’s Occupational Mental Health Programs, in the Department of Community and Family Medicine.