The Duke University Viral Vector Core facilitates the use of virus-mediated tools for gene transfer by investigators across diverse fields of study such as systems neuroscience, stem cell biology, metabolism, ageing, cancer biology and others.

DVVC provides services to investigators in the construction, purification, and titering of various viral vectors included lentiviral vectors (LVs) and adeno-associated vectors (AAVs) for research use.

Viral vector construction:

Custom cloning includes assembly of viral vectors from simple one-step integration of genes into ready-to-go cassettes to multi-step cloning of complex constructs. Viruses can be made so that protein expression (or knockdown) is constitutive or inducible. Promoters at hand include CMV, Ef1a, CAG, Synapsin, CamKIIa and RSV; reporter proteins include EGFP, ECFP, EYFP, mCherry and tdTomato. Several Cre expressing viruses are also available.

Generating viral particles:

Constructs generated by the Core or provided by investigators serve as starting materials for producing  concentrated virus stocks. Stocks are titered before turning over to the investigator.


DVVC provides consulting services for Duke investigators who want to use virus vectors for tissue culture and animal studies, and provides training and education on the handling of recombinant viruses to interested researchers.