Free Expression Bridge

It seems all college campuses have a centrally located spot reserved for students to freely express their thoughts.  Duke’s is the Free Expression Bridge/Tunnel, which is located on Campus Drive under Main Street, just at the entrance to or exit from East Campus.  Students are free to paint anything they like on these walls, and paint over any other free expression that already exists.  Well, within limits.  There is a policy by which the use of this space is governed, asking students to use good taste and avoid offensive content.

Want to see it?  The Free Expression Bridge is a good walk from campus, so plan on an hour or so.  A favorite route from Pearson is to walk through Duke Gardens, then take a few turns to reach Campus Drive, the beautiful, tree-lined drive between Duke’s East and West Campuses.  You’ll eventually reach the bridge just before entering East Campus.  You can’t miss it.