Lilly Library

Looking for a quiet nook on campus to study, read, work on a paper/project, or prepare a lesson?  Or maybe you have some time before class and you’d like a scenic place to use ePrint.  Try the Lilly Library on Duke’s East Campus.  In addition to multiple individual carrels, there are several study rooms that can be reserved, including spaces with whiteboards and large tables suitable for group projects.  If you’re really lucky, go to the 3rd floor stack, walk straight to the back wall and see if that small table in front of the window overlooking the tennis courts is open.  You’re welcome.

Lilly is open by reservation Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.  In addition to periodicals, Lilly offers computer access as well as collections in art, images, philosophy and dance.

Ready to visit?  The best way is to walk to the Abele Quad and take the East Campus Bus.  Once you’re on East Campus, Lilly is about halfway down the quad on the left at the circle.  Of course, you can drive over and take a chance at finding a parking place.  Across from Lilly is the East Campus Union.  That’s worth a stop as well.