Davison Building

The Davison Building sits at the north end of the Abele Quad and serves as the main campus entrance to Duke South Hospital.  Originally known as the School of Medicine building, it was named after the first School of Medicine Dean, Wilburt Davison.  In addition to his work as dean, Davison planned, organized and oversaw the construction of the building, which was completed in July, 1930.

Following the architectural style of other buildings on the Quad, the Davison Building contains an icon displaying the original purpose of the building.  Unlike the other Quad buildings, Davison selected the shields of 15 established and important medical institutions and placed their emblems at the building entrance along with Duke’s.  This signaled the dean’s ambition of building a nationally recognized medical organization.  Included are the shields for UVA, McGill University, Royal College of Surgeons and Trinity College (Dublin) but noticeably absent is Johns Hopkins.

The Davison Building is an easy walk from Pearson and IPE through Duke South.  Once you reach the Quad, turn back and check out the shields.  True to the ambitions of the first dean, the Duke School of Medicine (and School of Nursing!) consistently rank at the top nationally.

Davison Campus Entrance – notice the shields above the doorway. Oh, and you may recognize our IT Staff from 2010.