Abele Quad

The Clock Tower, at the end of the Abele Quad (on the way to K-Ville).

For most visitors to campus, the first stop on a tour is the Duke Chapel, arguably one of the most beautiful university chapels in the world.  The Chapel sits in the middle of an oak-lined lawn known as the quad.  To the right is the library and classrooms and to the left, living quarters and dining halls.

In 2016, Duke named the west campus quad after the architect who designed it – Julian Abele.  The Abele Quad is the center of campus life for most students.  Following wins over UNC, students frequently gather in the quad to burn the benches that stand as markers for the various living areas.

From the School of Nursing, walk through Duke South to the Davison building.  When you step out, you will be in the Abele Quad.  The Abele Quad is a perfect place to get in your steps for the day.

Abele Quad Plaque – Photo by Megan Mendenhall