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End of Semester Study Break

April 19, 2022 You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to which animal sees you later or in a while. The tradition continues … You’re probably hard at work for exams and other end-of-semeseter activities.  Remember – a short 15-minute break can do wonders for your productivity. SON-IT is here for… Read More »

Your Guide to Tech Support

May 31, 2021 A picture is worth a thousand words … it just takes longer to load. With the summer session just beginning, we thought it would be a good time to review our tech support process.  While Duke is still operating in a limited on-site capacity, we are continuing to make sure you have… Read More »

Getting Ready For Spring Semester

With the spring semester approaching, we were asked to send an out-of-cycle Tech Tuesday to help everyone understand their support options. Here’s what you need to know … But first, here’s our Tech Tip of the Week … You need to change your password. No, seriously.  Before the start of a new semester is a… Read More »

Learning Qualtrics

Students, faculty and staff can access one of the best survey and polling tools available through Duke OIT at no charge.  Qualtrics XM is a Duke tool allowing you to create surveys in real-time and collaborate effortlessly.  Your surveys can be distributed with a simple link to all users who can use any device to… Read More »

Understanding Your Duke Email

We frequently get questions about Duke Email.  We’ll take some time in this week’s Tech Tuesday to clear up any confusion. Here’s what you need to know … But first, here’s our Tech Tip of the Week – It’s October – Welcome to Cyber Security Month!  Here are some ways to celebrate: Attend the Dean’s… Read More »

Using MS Teams

Duke has offered productivity tools over the years, but never a fully integrated suite of programs designed to do it all.  Until now … Microsoft Teams  is available for all Duke faculty, staff and students.  It has great team and project management tools, all integrated with your Duke email and calendar.  Interested? Here’s what you… Read More »

Tech Guide to Fall Classes

This week by special request, we’re reviewing tech support for our fall semester courses.  For faculty, here’s how we’ll be supporting your course.  Students?  Here’s what to expect: But first … here’s our Tech Tip of the Week –  Here is a quick refresher on creating your best online presence: Think about Zoom the same… Read More »

Avoiding Browser Scams

The end of the semester is a great time to update your browser.  Here are some guidelines and what you should know about three browser-based scams to avoid. The most important point of this edition of Tech Tuesday – follow these Duke guidelines for browser security. Please note:  This is the final Tech Tuesday of… Read More »

DUSON Closed Captioning for Lectures

In a close collaboration with the Duke Student Disabilities Access Office, SON-IT contracts with 3Play Media to provide closed captioning and transcription services for classroom and desktop lecture recordings.  This service is provided for all courses with students who have an approved accommodations plan. Here’s what you should know: But first, here’s our Tech Tip… Read More »