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By | June 16, 2021

June 21, 2021

English can seem difficult.  It becomes easier through tough thorough thought, though.

We are all starting to gear up for a probable return to campus for the fall semester.  To prepare, SON-IT is hard at work getting our classrooms and meeting spaces ready.  Here’s what we’re doing to prepare and how you can help us make sure everything is ready for your specific use cases.

But first, here’s our Tech Tip of the Week …

It finally happened this week.  I received my first smishing attempt.

Recall that a smish is a phishing attempt via text.  It got this name because it is an SMS-based Phish (SMS+Phish = SMish).

I received a text, supposedly from Amazon, saying that my credit card would be charged $79.99 for an order to be shipped that same day.  I was instructed to do nothing if this was correct, but to call if I had any questions.

It looked legit, it contained what looked like my account number and an order number, but because it was a text, I didn’t have an email address to check.  I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, so I looked at my Amazon account.  No order and although the account number from the text was the same format as my Amazon account number, it was NOT my real account number.  I could safely ignore and delete the text.

And I smiled because I had received my first smish.

Be on the lookout for these.  It’s the latest way bad actors are phishing us.

Getting your technology ready …

At least for a while, gone are the days when you rarely have a meeting where everyone isn’t present in the room.  More of us will be required to host classes and meetings using technology in ways we haven’t had to before and during the pandemic.

SON-IT will be using this summer to get our classrooms and meeting rooms ready for your return to the office with upgraded technology.  In addition we’re documenting each room with the following:

  • In-room Tech – a checklist of all technology in the room and where it’s located
  • A Room-specific FAQ – most rooms have the same functionality available, but may require small differences in the way they operate.  Our FAQs will describe how to use the tech IN THIS ROOM for your specific requirements
  • Best Practices – we’ll also include best practices for managing hybrid meetings to ensure maximum collaboration, respect and efficiency.

Our goal is that you will have more productive meetings with the technology you need to be successful.

… and how you can help

Help us make sure we have the technology and instructions you need by doing one of the following:

  • Suggest an FAQ – if you know you’ll be using a specific classroom, or if your meeting will need certain technologies that you aren’t sure we have, ask us!  Just send an email to  We’ll answer your question, then make sure that we include the question in our Room Tech FAQs.
  • Visit the room – nothing wrong with going to the space you plan to use and checking it out for yourself.  Need to have a team meeting requiring Zoom for some users, a whiteboard for drawing and you aren’t sure if it will work?  Take a few minutes to confirm that your selected space has the tech you need and it is documented in a way you need.
  • Request tech – you may want to perform some action for a meeting or class and you know that it is not available.  Ask us to add it to the room!  We can review your requirements and help you determine the best way to meet your meeting goals.  We’re always looking for new ideas to help you have the tech you need.

Missing our campus?

This week’s Duke Photo of the Week is Free Expression Bridge/Tunnel located on Campus Drive under Main Street.

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