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DURS Executive Board

Kathy Dai T’18, Co-President

12736153_10206951615042804_1285061537_nKathy is a junior from Chapel Hill studying Neuroscience. She works in the Chiba-Falek Lab studying the genetic basis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Outside of lab, Kathy loves spending time with her Round Table family, working with FEMMES girls, and struggling up the Wilson climbing wall.


Maaz Mulla T’ 17, Co-President

64384_10203119148322963_147792335523321594_nMaaz is a sophomore studying Biology with a focus on Cellular & Molecular Biology. He is from the greatest city on the planet – Chicago. He is interested in working on stem cell research and genetic modification using the CRISPR/Cas 9 system, and eventually plans to go on to medical school. But apart from research and school, Maaz is involved in GANO, volunteers at Duke Hospital, and works with Let’s Be Well Red. He also loves to play tennis, is an avid fan of Roger Federer, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Sarina Madhavan, T’17, Programs Director

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.25.01 PMSarina is a sophomore studying the science and ethics of genetic engineering. She currently works in the Gersbach Laboratory at Duke, focusing primarily on medically relevant applications of new tissue engineering technologies at the genetic level. Her prior research experiences include work with targeted biomolecular therapies, systems and computational biology, and imaging physics. Outside of the lab, Sarina is also a Duke EMS member, Walltown Children’s Theater volunteer, DukeMed Voices journal editor, Netflix marathon-er, Round Tabler, fitness enthusiast, and coffee connoisseur.

Samantha Bouchal T’ 19, Programs Director

Samantha Bouchal is a Trinity freshman who is currently interested in Biophysics, Neuroscience, and Spanish on the pre-med track. She has done tissue transplantation and preservation research at the Mid-America Transplant laboratory in St. Louis, Missouri and the Donor Network of Arizona and loves the research environment! Her hobbies include science outreach, playing the piano, reading anything and everything written by Junot Díaz, and volunteering at a local Hospice facility.

Michelle Zhu T’ 18, Events Organizer

76_Michelle_FINALMichelle is a sophomore from mountainous state of Colorado, majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry, as well as minoring in finance. She is looking to pursue a law degree and ultimately become a patent lawyer.  Although she is not currently engaged in research at Duke University, she is actively looking for a position for the upcoming semester when she’ll have more time and won’t have 3 classes with labs. Previously, she’s worked at Colorado State University in the Crans’ Group in synthesizing a new MK-2 compound for potential tuberculosis research. Outside of academics, Michelle enjoys playing Super Smash Bros. with her squad, spending time with her sisters in alpha Kappa Delta Phi, watching Duke basketball games, sleeping, eating good food, and basking the sun. 

Varun Jain T’ 18, Events Organizer

Varun is a junior in Trinity College pursuing degrees in Biology and Global Health. Originally from the wilds of North Virginia, Varun has been involved in research for seven years now. Varun hopes to bring this bevy of experience to DURS. Beyond DURS, he is also involved in the Duke International Relations Association, Duke Consulting Club,  and the First-Year Advisory Counselor Executive Board, and works in a lab studying muscular developmental disorders. When not staring at worms, he enjoys working out in Wilson and hanging in his common room. 

Angeli Sharma  T’ 20, Secretary

Angeli Sharma is a freshman interested in studying Neuroscience and Public Policy on a pre-medicaltrack. She currently works as a research assistant in the Duke School of Medicine Cognitive Behavioral Research and Treatment Program to study Neuromodulation Enhanced Cognitive Restructuring for Emotion Dysregulation. Previously, she has studied the effects of olfactory stimuli on animal models of anxiety. Outside of school and research, Angeli is a part of Alpha Delta Pi; Duke Rhydhun- a competitive Bollywood dance team; Duke Debate; the Hindu Students Association; and is a national officer for HOSA: Future Health Professionals. 

Azim Dharani T’ 20, Webmaster 
Azim is a freshman interested in studying chemistry, with a concentration in pharmacology. He currently works in the Franz lab in the Department of Chemistry working on the organic synthesis of folic acid conjugation of the chemotherapeutic disulfiram. His prior research involves X-ray crystallography, NMR, and lung cancer drug development. In his free time, he enjoys watching stand up comedy, gardening, and eating twizzlers.  

Faculty Advisor

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-9-26-46-pmDr. Karen Murphy, Neurobiology Ph.D. 2008 (Duke University)
Undergraduate Research Support Office
Academic Dean of Trinity College

Members Emeriti

Syed Adil, T’16, Co-chair

John Bernabei T’16, Co- Chair

Adam Kiredly, T’16, Events Organizer

Lefko Charalambous T’16, Programs Director

Danielle Scarano T’16, Secretary

Sammie Truong, T ’15, Co-President

Lillian Kang, T ’15, Co-President

Rachel Shenker, T ’15, Secretary

Joseph Kleinhenz, T ’15, Programming Coordinator

Suyash Kumar, T ’16, Treasurer

Peter Dong, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder

Ani Saraswathula, T ’14, Co-chair


Nick Schwartz, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder

Arun Sharma, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder

Vivek Subramanian, P ’12, Co-chair and co-founder

Insun Chong, T ’12, Webmaster

Alvin Shi, T ’13, Public Relations