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2021-2022 Executive Board

Philip Cho

P'22, BME & ECE majors
My interests lie at the intersection of neuroscience and medical technology. My past work has focused on creating computational models of sensory processing, and I currently work in the Sommer Lab, where we're developing effective viral vectors for primate optogenetics. I love playing the piano, writing music, being in Cameron, and playing soccer!!

Angela Wei

T'22, Biology major, philosophy minor
I am currently an undergraduate researcher in the Chiba-Falek Lab where we are working on developing a novel gene therapy for Alzheimer's disease. I previously worked at the Baugh Lab studying the developmental biology of C. elegans. I plan to pursue an M.D. after college and am interested in specializing in heart failure medicine. In my free time, I enjoy running, cycling, and just being outdoors. I also enjoy curating playlists on Spotify and going to concerts with friends. When I'm not exercising or listening to music, I'm probably eating or watching a show on Hulu. Please feel free to reach out to me with any research related questions!

Ella Gunady

P'23, BME & Biology majors
I am part of the Bioremediation of Plastic Pollution Bass Connections team at Duke and work in the Somarelli Lab. My project harnesses the tools of molecular biology to engineer enzymes which can effectively degrade plastic. In addition to molecular biology and environmental conservation, I am interested in cancer genetics and data visualization. Outside of research, I enjoy graphic designing, paper cutting, coffee chats, and searching for the best ice cream on the planet!

Celina You
Marketing Director

T'24, Biology major, computational biology & psychology minors
I’m currently a research assistant at The William Parker Lab looking into human gut health as well as the potential link between autism and Acetaminophen exposure. I’m an avid member of the bullet journaling community (@celfstudies if you are interested ;)) !! Some of my other hobbies include creating oddly specific spotify playlists, pointlessly memorizing rap lyrics, and driving along PCH.

Alexandra Bennion
Program Co-Director

T'23, Biology & chemistry majors, global health minor
I am highly interested in cancer biology and cancer therapy! I currently work as a research assistant in the Somarelli Lab in the Duke School of Medicine and a Scholar in Marine Medicine. In my current role, I am focusing on isolating anti-cancer compounds from marine samples as well as identifying evolutionary oncological drug targets. Previously, I worked as a lab assistant in the Alvarez Lab in the Duke Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. After graduating from Duke, I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD in cancer biology and oncology. I enjoy playing the clarinet, cooking, hanging out with friends, and exploring places around Durham!

Natalie Asmus
Program Co-Director

T'22, Biology major, genetics concentration
I work in Dr. Kantor's lab as part of the Viral Vector Core, and am currently involved in developing a novel, targeted gene therapy for Alzheimer's disease, using lentiviral vectors and epigenome editing strategies. I hope to get my MD/PhD after graduating from Duke, and am interested in studying and ultimately developing genetic and epigenetic disease modifying treatments for both neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders. I enjoy being active - running, biking, hiking, and traveling in my free time. I also love listening to music, watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, hanging out with friends, and eating copious amounts of fruit.

Ethan Bott
dCRUE Program Co-Director

T'22, Psychology major, chemistry & Italian minors
I currently work in a speech pathology lab as a project manager for a study examining the speech and swallowing disorders associated with Pompe disease. Through the Johns Hopkins University Generation Tomorrow program, I've also done community-based HIV and HCV research. I aspire to eventually serve as a pediatric oncologist in an underserved community, and I'm also hoping to establish a substance abuse/addiction rehabilitation facility. My favorite hobbies include playing sports, exercising, and listening to music. I also love basically anything outside, especially hiking and fishing. Other than this, I spend a great deal of time working on substance abuse and addiction advocacy efforts, primarily through my non-profit called The June Group.

Mohanapriya Cumaran
dCRUE Program Co-Director

P'23, BME major, neuroscience minor
Currently, I work in the Segura Lab which is a biomaterials lab that develops hydrogels to treat stroke in mice. These hydrogels can repair damaged nerve tissue and provide a scaffold for tissue regeneration. I am also part of the Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Bass Connections team and will be working in Dr. Kantor’s this fall. This lab focuses on utilizing genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR-Cas to treat Alzheimer’s. In my free time, I go for run or ride my bike. Sometimes, I watch Netflix, really into mystery and thriller movies.

Lauren Sheu
Research Ambassadors (RA) Program Co-Director

T'22, Biology major, chemistry minor
I'm currently working at the lab of Dr. Smita Nair investigating modulations in immune cell infiltration of murine TNBCs following immunotherapy. Previously, I interned at biotech startup Bolt Biotherapeutics and the Stanford Engleman Lab, where I helped develop a novel onco-immunotherapy and investigate the systemic/molecular mechanisms of cancer. I enjoy playing percussion in the Duke Wind Symphony, volunteering at the Benefits Enrollment Center, and binging any of my all-time favorite shows (like VEEP!).

Deney Li
Research Ambassadors (RA) Program Co-Director

T'23, Biology major, chemistry and psychology minor
I work in Dr. Andrew West’s Lab, located in Duke’s Center for Neurodegeneration and Neurotherapeutic Research. I’m an undergraduate researcher working with dynamics of alpha-synuclein fibrils in mice and its importance in Parkinson’s Disease. After undergrad, I am looking to obtain a PharmD and eventually work in pharmaceutical research.
When I’m not in class or lab, catch me reading self-help books, online shopping, and aggressively drinking Red Bull!

Yesh Doctor
Journal Club Co-Director

P'22, BME & computer science majors
Generally, I'm fascinated with biological tools (devices assembled completely by cells from engineered DNA) that could eventually lead to therapeutic applications. Since freshman year, I've worked in the Gersbach Lab on gene editing technologies with a specific emphasis on epigenetic modifications. I hope to go to graduate school and become a professor one day. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports (basketball, football, spikeball, frisbee, you name it!), building race cars w/ duke motorsports, and playing drums.
Dani Galtes
Journal Club Co-Director

Nikhil Chaudhry
Social Sciences & Humanities Committee Co-Director

T'24, Biology and global health majors
Currently, I’m on a Bass Connections team focused on health equity in COVID-19 vaccine uptake. I will also be working with Dr. Carpenter at the Duke Center for Autism this semester to investigate anxiety and ADHD in children with autism spectrum disorder. In the future, I hope to attend medical school and become a physician.
In my free time, I love to travel, read, drink coffee, and watch my favorite shows!

Trisha Gupta
Social Sciences & Humanities Committee Co-Director

T'24, Economics & global health majors, French studies minor
I am part of the Universal Health Coverage Bass Connections team as an undergraduate researcher. In the past, I have also engaged in humanities-based research and explored literary research through writing a comparative paper on the lead female protagonists of two late 19th century plays. My career aspirations are quite broad, ranging from healthcare worker to developmental economist, but one of my long term goals is to work for the United Nations!
I love anything related to fitness, especially weight training and outdoor activities like hiking. During quarantine, I became interested in healthy baking and experimented with a bunch of different recipes! I also love listening to music (J. Cole is objectively the best), drinking coffee, reading and traveling.
I am a US citizen who was brought up in Boston but moved to India for most of my education; so I completely understand the feeling of returning to a country I once lived in but still being an "international" student. I'd love to talk to and guide any students who are in a similar situation!
Bea De Oliveira

T'24, Economics major, German minor, decision science certificate
My interests lie in economics research, specifically the intersection between behavioral and development economics. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant and researcher for the Huettel Lab at Duke studying economic decision making, and hope to attend a graduate program in economics following my undergraduate time at Duke. In my free time, I love to hike, practice yoga, sew, and read. I am also an avid scuba-diver and dream of diving and traveling around the world.

Members Emeriti

Jiwoo Lisa Kim T’ 21, Co-President
Rehan Khan T’ 21, Journal Club Co-Director
Mimi Goldstein T’ 23, dCRUE Program Co-Director
Chris Lai T’ 19, Co-President
Samantha Bouchal T’ 19, Co-President
Azim Dharani T’ 20, Program Director
Anna Savelyeva T’ 20, Programs Director
Angeli Sharma  T’ 20, Treasurer
Varun Jain T’ 18, Events Organizer
Michelle Zhu T’ 18, Events Organizer
Sarina Madhavan, T’17, Programs Director
Maaz Mulla T’ 17, Co-President
Kathy Dai T’18, Co-President
Brendan Ryu T’17 Co-chair
Brittany Wenger T’17 Co-chair
Syed Adil, T’16, Co-chair
John Bernabei T’16, Co- Chair
Adam Kiredly, T’16, Events Organizer
Lefko Charalambous T’16, Programs Director
Danielle Scarano T’16, Secretary
Sammie Truong, T ’15, Co-President
Lillian Kang, T ’15, Co-President
Rachel Shenker, T ’15, Secretary
Joseph Kleinhenz, T ’15, Programming Coordinator
Suyash Kumar, T ’16, Treasurer
Peter Dong, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder
Ani Saraswathula, T ’14, Co-chair
Catherine Wang, T ’14, Co-chair
Nick Schwartz, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder
Arun Sharma, T ’12, Co-chair and co-founder
Vivek Subramanian, P ’12, Co-chair and co-founder
Insun Chong, T ’12, Webmaster
Alvin Shi, T ’13, Public Relations