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What is DURS? The Duke Undergraduate Research Society (DURS) is comprised of a small group of students passionate about undergraduate research at Duke University. Founded in the fall of 2009, DURS is committed to raising undergraduate awareness, understanding, and knowledge of research. DURS operates under three main goals: to introduce research to students, to strengthen relationships between students and research faculty, and to provide opportunities for dedicated undergraduate researchers. We work closely with the Duke Undergraduate Research Support Office and its director, Dr. Ron Grunwald.

What has DURS done in the past? DURS is now in its second year of operation. Last year, we began by hosting Dr. Nancy Andrews, Dean of the Medical School, at our inaugural event in the fall. The rest of the year featured numerous workshops: on how to get involved in research (both in the fall and spring), on how to find summer research opportunities, on how to create a poster, and a graduate school info session (co-hosted with the Genome Research Education Society). DURS also setup several faculty lunches and aided in the running of Visible Thinking, an undergraduate research poster session.

How do I learn more about getting involved in research? You can visit other pages on our website for helpful tips, documents and links about many aspects of undergraduate research at Duke. In addition, feel free to email us at dursociety@gmail.com with specific questions (all relevant emails are replied to). You can also apply for a research ambassador. Please check out our website for more information about the research ambassador program.

How do I get involved in DURS? DURS is comprised of two co-chairs as well as six officers: secretary, treasurer, liaison, programs manager and two events organizers. All positions are selected by outgoing or incumbent co-chairs through a simple application/interview and last until the holder of the position graduates. Applications for open positions are fielded in the fall.

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