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Recommendations for each project

The various projects have been effective in reducing emissions in different degrees and this section provides a list of further recommendations. As a major challenge we face was unavailability of data, in the future it is recommended to keep clear records of relevant data. The Durham City County Sustainability Office can send annual reminders to each department to record the data to ensure that it is not lost. Here we list a number of further measures to cut the City and County’s emissions for these projects as well as general recommendations which can help in future analysis.


  • Building Upgrade Project

─      Energy benchmarking of buildings by using energy use intensity.


  • Transportation Project

─      Upgrade fleet vehicle into hybrid alternatives.

─      Expand hybrid DATA bus in public transportation.

─      Continue monitoring of electric vehicles.


  • Traffic Signal Project

─      Continue upgrading traffic signals with LED lights, and manage to have all traffic signals with LEDs in Durham by 2015.

─      Expanding streetlight project to whole Durham area.

─      Pilot program of applying clean energy to streetlights in Durham.


  • Water Management Project

─      Maintain monthly records of flow data, energy usage and billing information.

─      Replacement of Brown plant meters in phases.


  • Landfill Methane Project

─      Monitor the plant and record the data continually.

─      Continue the project and exploit a new landfill plant.