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Rubaina Anjum (Ruby)Rubaina Anjum

My interest in this project rose from the varied aspects it involved, incorporating climate change science, energy efficiency, and renewables- all of which are sectors that I would like to be in, in the future. The city level efforts are crucial in implementation of policy. My long term goal is to play an administrative role in the government (of India, the country of my citizenship) related to sustainable development. Although this is a very generalized statement, administrative positions at the state and national levels of the Indian government encompass a wide range of activities and it is essential to have had a diverse experience and an ability to be versatile. An experience with the Durham City-County Sustainability Office will provide me with a city level experience, as well as explore my skills which lie heavily in quantitative analysis.


Gary (Zhongxiang) GaoZhongxiang Gao (Gary)

I hope to combine the knowledge I have in a variety of fields and apply them to this project. I was drawn to the Durham County Greenhouse Gas Plan Update Project because it has so many different components to it, and thus would test my ability to apply all the knowledge I’ve gathered from years of education. My main focus area is in energy sustainability and systems analysis, which means looking at a problem from a broad perspective to identify hotspots to focus on. After identifying the hotspots, it is then possible to research solutions and devise a strategy. I hope to use the skills I’ve acquired from the dual Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Engineering Management to be able to analyze the Durham County GHG Plan from all perspectives and devise the best strategy possible for the update.


MyeongYeon SonMyeongyeon Son (Ally)

I am a first year at the Nicholas School pursuing the MEM program in energy and environment. It is a great pleasure to work with Durham City-County Sustainability Office. I have been interested in climate change adaption and mitigation since I worked to update statistical data and conducted literature reviews on climate change policies in Korea Environment Institute. I hope not only to contribute to this research project, but also learn from it. This project will provide me with an experience of calculating greenhouse gas emission as well as the practice of the communication skill.

My background in social science qualifies me for this project:1. Previous work at Korea Environment Institute, a government research institute 2. Qualitative Skills (knowledge in public management: participatory governance and conflict resolution) 3. Quantitative Skills (statistical skill sets: STATA and SPSS and Life cycle assessment: Gabi)

I have been involved in several research projects before joining Duke University. I updated data/databases, summarized relevant literature, and provided comments and wrote minutes during meetings. Through these research experiences, I learned to effectively work and communicate with research team members and more importantly how to manage my time to meet all deadlines. I am well-acquainted with administrative tasks associated with research projects from previous internship experience in Korea.


Wenyi XiWenyi Xi

I would like to work on the project “Update to the 2007 Durham Greenhouse Gas Plan” not only because I find my background and skills meet the client’s requirements, but also because the content area “Climate change/adaptation, Energy efficiency, Sustainability planning” of the project are exactly what I am interested in. My undergraduate study is focusing on climate change that I did several academic researches regarding its policy and the ways of adaptation and mitigation. Here at Duke, I took many professional courses related with energy efficiency and sustainable development, and I hope to apply the knowledge and skills I gained to the real practice. Equipped with analytical tools, such as, energy modeling, qualitative data analysis software (STATA), and Life Cycle Assessment, I believe I can help the Durham city-county sustainability office complete the tasks of updating the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory and Local Emission Reduction Plan well.