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David Geng

David Geng is a Junior double majoring in math and computer science, on the pre-medical track. He is greatly interested in the intersection of technology, math modeling, medicine, and health policy. David’s secondary passion is music — making heavenly sounds with the 88 black and white ivory keys of the piano — and plays piano competitively, visiting exotic places like Durham, New York, and DC in the process. Besides DUMU, David is also involved with an amazing piano ensemble called Devilish Keys (come to our next concert!), a volunteer pianist at the Duke Hospital, is working on an independent research project, and is a member of The Cube SLG. In his spare time, you will find David “lifting” in Wilson, napping on 4th floor Bostock couches, or watching Forrest Gump/Shawshank Redemption rerun clips.



Trung is a senior Math major from Vietnam. He may appear to be quiet but don’t underrestimate him because he has won a gold medal at IMO. Trung loves the Math community at Duke because the people are very genuine, friendly, supportive and smart. He strongly believes everyone should major in Math so avoid talking to him on that if you don’t wanna change your major!


Kelly Zhang

Kelly Zhang is a sophomore planning to major in mathematics and computer science with a finance concentration. She has competed on the national and international levels in competition math and math modeling, winning recognition in high school and for Duke. Kelly enjoys making crafts including geometric models, 3D origami, and ecofriendly decorations. She is also involved in Scale and Coin (Duke’s premier business society) and Catalyst (tech society). When out and about, you can be sure to see Kelly running after all the cute doggos to say hi!


Annie Wang

Annie is a junior double majoring in math and statistics. Growing up in Beijing, she developed her passion for math thanks to her math teacher grandma who taught her Olympiad math when she was five. Now she is focusing on probability and statistics in her research. She enjoys traveling, singing, reading, and goofing around in her free time; she loves ocean and beach more than anything else in the world. She also likes helping people, being part of the service fraternity APO. Rumor has it that Annie also enjoys working out.


My name is Irina and I am a junior majoring in math, with a focus on probability and statistics. I will write this bio in first person.

Irina Cristali

I grew up in Bucharest, the capital of beautiful Romania. Thanks to a dedicated middle school teacher, I discovered my passion for math early on and pursued this interest ever since. I participated in numerous contests, solving or struggling with beautiful math problems and traveling to “exotic” places, such as Yakutsk, a nice city in Siberia. At Duke, I am using these beautiful math ideas to tackle hands-on problems. I have worked on mathematically modeling regulatory mechanisms in the kidney; I will now be studying probability models that could describe the movement of fluids through porous mediums (i.e. percolation).

Justin Luo is a senior from North Carolina majoring in ECE and math.He became interested in math through competitions in middle and high school, and does applied math research during the summer. Justin is also the best virtual basketball player and current horseshoes champion of DUMU. Side note by editor: Justin is so modest that he didn’t say his third major in economics and his pre-med and pre-law pursuits. It is even more modest of him that he didn’t mention he is also a five time Putnam fellow, five time MCM winner, and two time Putnam Rookie of the year. However, don’t believe these side notes so much because Justin also enjoys exaggerating his biographies in his spare time.

Remy Kassem

Hi, my name is Remy and I am a sophomore from New Jersey interested in math and computer science. I like playing ping-pong and basketball. I have also played water polo for 8 years and competed in the junior olympics. In high school I was in the math club and competed in contests like PUMAC. I spent this summer doing Data+, where I worked with MyHealthTeams to visualize self-reported patient medication data and attempted to make a predictive model for the effectiveness of treatments using machine learning.

Feng Gui

Feng Gui is a senior majoring in Math and Computer Science. He started his math journey though national high school math competitions and now he is looking forward to do math research in the future. He is interested in almost every field in mathematics, though his main focus of study is geometry and topology. Besides math, he likes hiking and playing tennis.


Neil Luo is a Junior double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, with a particular interest in machine learning. He is also interested in music, having played the clarinet for 11 years, and has played in the Duke Symphony Orchestra for 2 years.  Neil also enjoys lifting recreationally, and has competed in several USA Powerlifting meets.


Liuyi Zhu is a sophomore planning to major in Math and Computer Science. She doesn’t want to find a photo now so we will just pretend we have put her profile picture on. Liuyi doesn’t yet know which part she will devote to in the future, but she definitely knows that people in the Math department are all very kind and authentic and encourages whoever reads to here to seriously consider getting more touch and involvement in Math department and DUMU. In her free time, Liuyi likes so many things that she thinks writing down here will reveal her personal privacy and take up too much space. Oh and by the way she knows this is not really a serious bio but thanks you all for forgiving that!


Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Kraines

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