Lecture – Elliott Wolf and Alex Woolf

Lineage Logistics:

Thursday March 23, 2017

119 Math Physics

The addition of renewable energy sources, whose power production
cannot be scheduled, has created increasing gaps between instantaneous
electricity supply and electricity demand. Sometimes the grid is
oversupplied with energy, requiring zero-marginal-cost sources of
power to be shut or energy to be bled off of the grid. Other times
there is insufficient electricity, requiring high-marginal-cost
sources of electricity to be switched on or consumers to curtail their
demand. The current state of the grid has led various utilities and
power consumers deploy capital-intensive energy storage, such as
lithium-ion batteries, to better-match grid supply with grid demand.

We present a method to add large-scale energy storage to the power
grid using only sensors, software modifications to the control systems
of large industrial refrigeration systems, and mathematical
optimization. Our talk will address the required instrumentation, the
physics necessary to understand applicable thermal constraints, and
the numerical methods used to determine a mathematically optimal
charge-discharge schedule. We further discuss the economics of the US
power grid, ?war stories? of doing complex mathematics in a large
industrial setting and the effects of various Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission and California Public Utility Commission
regulations on our efforts.
About  Lineage Logistics is the second largest cold
storage network in the world, playing a critical role in multiple
global supply chains. We store and transport temperature-sensitive
commodities (about 30 billion lbs per year) in a large network of
warehouses, trucks and rail cars. Our inventories include everything
from Boeing?s carbon fiber to 4th of July baby-back ribs. Lineage
has all of the combinatorics problems facing Amazon, with embedded
thermo-fluid physics.


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