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DUMU: The organization for undergraduates who love math.

DUMU pictures  of members from the past decade

Student-Faculty awards party   Photos from past parties.


DUMU 2017 Members; President David Geng, Vice President Trung Can; other officers and DUMU people


The math department and DUMU sponsor a number of popular Public Lectures aimed at a general audience. Undergraduates with an interest in Mathematics are encouraged to attend.

Those lectures are named “PLUM” (Public Lectures Unveiling Maths), and past topics include IRS number theory and fraudulence, category theory in a palatable way, voting in a mathematical perspective, 4D plane with the help of 3D painting, Machine learning and gender, etc. 

Detailed past lectures can be found here.

See Events page for details

Duke Math Meet

Thanks to coordinators Justin Luo and David Geng for organizing the very successful 2017 Duke Math Meet on November 12.  Trung Can and Neil Luo coordinated efforts by Problem Solving Seminar students and others to create original problems for the nearly 300 high school students from about 25 high school students throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Student volunteers helped register teams, lead them to various test sites, serve breakfast and lunch, proctor exams, and other tasks.


Several dozen Duke undergraduates participated in the 2016 Virginia Tech and Putnam math competitions.  Results of the Putnam competition were announced in late March.


October  21, 2017 Saturday 9am – 11:30am Virginia Tech Regional
November 4, 2017 Saturday 9am – 5pm Duke Math Meet
December 2, 2017 Saturday 10am – 6pm Putnam Math Competition
February 8-12, 2018 Thursday – Monday Math Contest in Modeling


Math 281S   Problem Solving Seminar

This half-credit seminar is intended for students who enjoy solving interesting math problems. We’ll be discussing how to solve math competition questions. We’ll focus on the intuition behind solutions as well as various tools we can use. Students are asked to work on challenging math problems one evening a week and to write up careful solutions with complete and rigorous proofs to several of them. Students are expected to compete in the Virginia Tech and Putnam math competitions as well as help write questions for the Duke Math Meet.
For more information, contact David Kraines <dkrain@math.duke.edu> or Jung Hwang <junghyun.hwang@duke.edu>


Research Opportunities


Data+ is a nine-week summer research experience open to Duke undergraduates of all majors who are interested in exploring data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges.


DOMath provides support for small groups of undergraduates for an eight week summer research program

PRUV Fellow Program

PRUV provides financial support for math majors’ research with faculty mentor’s  leading to Graduation with Distinction.

Independent Study

There are opportunities to do research with faculty members for course credit during the year. Independent Study projects can also be used to earn Graduation with Distinction.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The National Science Foundation sponsors many summer undergraduate research programs at a variety of schools around the country.

Undergraduate Prizes and Awards, Scholarships, Theses and Publications


See Duke Math News for past news.

Information about DUMU History including its founding, past presidents and speakers.

To get on the math union listserv, send a message to dkrain@math.duke.edu