Registering in North CarolinaRegistering out of state

The 2018 elections will take place on November 6, 2018. According to NC Law, to be eligible to vote in state students much register 25 days before the election.

Students are strongly encouraged to use TurboVote. TurboVote makes registering to vote easy by walking students through the registration process on their online platform.


You may also register by:

  • Downloading a registration form and mailing it in to your state's Board of Elections
  • Registering in-person at one of the many organized voter registration drives
  • Registering in person during the early voting. A Student ID is sufficient proof of address to register to vote. We recommend registering before the deadline to avoid long wait lines at early voting.

Requirements for registering in state:

In order to register to vote in North Carolina, a person must meet the legal qualifications to vote and complete a voter registration application.

What’s my on-campus address?

The Board of Elections cannot use your dorm name and room number for the residential address on the registration form. You must instead use your campus location, rather than your dorm name and room number:

  • If you live on East Campus, write Duke East Campus on Line 1 (Durham, NC 27708)
  • If you live on West Campus, write Duke West Campus on Line 1 (Durham, NC 27708)
  • If you live on East or West, enter: [Your PO BOX number] on Line 1, Duke University on Line 2, and Durham, NC 27708 when asked “Where do you receive mail?” later in TurboVote process
  • If you live on Central Campus, write your street address (Zip code is 27705)


  • If you live off campus, write your street address.


  • If you have moved from East Campus to West or Central Campus, you need to update your registration. If you have moved off-campus, you also need to update your registration.For your mailing address, use your Duke PO box, central, or off-campus address.

Where is my local Board of Elections?

Durham County’s Board of Elections:

Durham County Board of Elections
P.O. Box 868
Durham, NC 27702-0868


Fax: (919) 560-0688

If not voting in North Carolina, you can check your local election official here .

How will voting in North Carolina impact me if I am from another state?

Registering to vote in North Carolina could impact your ability to claim residency in your home state for graduate school and tuition benefits. Please check with your state board of elections before registering.

Voting Absentee:

Any registered person in North Carolina can request an absentee ballot, no special circumstances are necessary. To do so submit an absentee ballot request form
You will receive the absentee ballot and instructions on how to complete the ballot 50-60 days before the election depending on when the request is submitted.
Return in person to an election official or mail (postmarked) to local election office (address found above under registration information)before 5pm on Friday, October 12 .
More info:

How do I vote out of state?

If you intend to vote outside of North Carolina, you must first register to vote in that state.

Use TurboVote  ( to register.

Then you must request an absentee ballot by the deadline for your state. ( You are encouraged to apply as early as possible to make sure you receive your ballot on time.

Most states recommend submitting your absentee ballot request at least one month prior to the election, though some states will continue to accept absentee ballot requests one week prior or sometimes even less. View Absentee Ballot Deadlines by State.

How do I vote out of state?

Most states allow early voting (or in-person absentee voting), from 3 days up to 30 or even 45 days prior to each election. To view early voting options for your state, see this Early Voting Calendar by State.

All states allow absentee voting for voters who request it. Some states may require voters to provide an excuse, but even in those states, there will always be an excuse applicable to college students (such as being a college student by occupation, temporarily living or traveling outside the jurisdiction on Election Day, or being otherwise unavoidably absent or unable to make it to the polling place on Election Day).

In most states, voters must request an Absentee Ballot for each election. Some states offer a permanent absentee ballot list; once a voter is added to this list, s/he will receive an absentee ballot for each election automatically. And a few states conduct their elections entirely by mail for all voters.

To view absentee voting or vote by mail options for your state, see Absentee and Early Voting by State.

How do I return my absentee ballot?

Completed absentee ballots can typically be returned by mail or in person, though some states may allow ballots to be returned by fax or email. Your ballot should provide instructions on how, where, and when to return it.

In most states, absentee ballots must be received by the time polls close on Election Day; however, some states may have slightly earlier deadlines, and some states may continue to accept absentee ballots as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. View Absentee Ballot Deadlines by State. You are encouraged to return your ballot at least one week prior to Election Day to ensure it is received on time.

What if I did not receive my absentee ballot?

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