If you want to help register students to vote, create how-to videos for filling out registration forms, plan Duke Votes events, or collaborate in other ways, e-mail polis@duke.edu, and we'll plug you into the campus-wide Duke Votes operation.

Additionally, there is a new student-led organization called the Duke Votes Coordinating Committee (DVCC).  Polis is collaborating with the DVCC and other interested students throughout 2020. The nine DVCC members are:

Faven Getahun '20

Allie Schwalb '21

Jessica Sullivan '21

Ashil Jhaveri '22

Daisy Lane '22

Lindsay Morgenstein '22

Gwyn Reece '22

Micalyn Struble '22

Sabene Figueroa '23

Additionally, Hart Leadership Program (with support from Polis) is hosting a 30-second video contest called "Why Vote?" More information on how to participate can be found here.