Get Involved

If you want to help register students to vote, create how-to videos for filling out registration forms, plan Duke Votes events, or collaborate in other ways, e-mail, and we'll plug you into the campus-wide Duke Votes operation.

N.C. Voter Photo ID Card

If you plan to vote in North Carolina in 2020, you are required by law to present a valid photo ID when voting. POLIS is working with Duke IT to distribute a valid voter photo ID card to any student who requests it. If you want one, fill out this brief survey.  POLIS will notify you when your card is ready for pick-up.  Of if you have questions, a helpful Duke IT FAQ page can be found here. For a complete list of approved photo IDs that can be used by faculty, staff, and students, see the list on the North Carolina Board of Elections webpage.

Duke Votes Ambassadors

This year we're instituting a new program designed to give students additional resources all across the campus. More than 20 Duke staff members have volunteered to participate in the "Duke Votes Ambassadors" program. If you're having trouble finding an answer you're looking for, they're available to help direct you to the right place. If you need to mail a voter registration or absentee ballot, swing by one of their desks for a stamped envelope.

If you'd like to reach out to a Duke Votes Ambassador near you, their office location and contact information can be found on this interactive map.

Congratulations on a historic turnout in 2018!