Distinguished Virologist Seminar 2/16 – Henri-Jacques Delecluse

Duke Center for Virology
Distinguished Virologist Lecture

Henri-Jacques Delecluse

Professor, University of Heidelberg
Head of Pathogenesis of Virus-Associated Tumors Division

“Pathogenesis of EBV-associated Tumors”

2:30 pm Friday, February 16
143 Jones Building

Hosted by Micah Luftig

Henri-Jacques is a preeminent EBV virologist who has developed a robust reverse genetic system to study viral pathogenesis. His work has mostly focused on B cell transformation as a model of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease, but has also identified new strains of EBV associated with epithelial cancers. He is an exceptional molecular virologist who is also trained as a clinical pathologist, which positions him well to discern key molecular features of viral pathogenesis. He is visiting the US and has taken one day to visit us at Duke and to present this special seminar. I would encourage you to attend if you are interested in learning more about EBV pathogenesis.