Works in Progress

Monthly Works in Progress meetings are held at noon on the 4th Monday of each month in MSRB 001. At each meeting, two Center for Virology investigators, their lab members or other Duke or Triangle-area researchers working in virology-related areas give informal 30-minute presentations about their current research. Pizza and drinks are provided by the Center for Virology.

2018-2019 meetings

Date1st Presenter2nd Presenter
September 24Tom DennyAravind Asokan
October 22Postdoc Flash Talks
November 26Yang labKelly Hughes
Klotman lab
January 28Ishak Irwan
Cullen lab
Asokan lab
February 25Ashley Nelson
Permar lab
Ben Arnson
Koeberl lab
March 25Heaton labKenneth Schmader
April 22Matt Sacco
Horner lab
Gromeier lab
May 20Brent Stanfield
Luftig lab
Fouda lab

Virology Works in Progress 2018-19 schedule

Scientific organizer: Micah Luftig, 668-3091,
Administrative coordinator: Christy Krupa, 684-3031,

Please contact Christy to be added to the mailing list.