Works in Progress

Monthly Works in Progress meetings are held at noon on the 4th Monday of each month. At present, these meetings will be held via Zoom. At each meeting, two Center for Virology investigators, their lab members or other Duke or Triangle-area researchers working in virology-related areas give informal 30-minute presentations about their current research.

2020-2021 meetings





Aug 24
Special SARS-CoV-2


Brook Heaton Heather Froggatt
Heaton Lab
Sep 28


Emma Bonglack
Luftig Lab
Kevin Tsai
Cullen Lab
Oct 26


Daltry Snider
Horner Lab
Eric Walton
Asokan Lab
Nov 23


Jan 25


Keith Reeves
Harvard Medical School
Eleanor Semmes
Permar Lab

Feb 22



Blasi Lab


Wilton Williams
Mar 22


Joe Trimarco
Heaton Lab 
Jenny Jenks
Permar Lab
Apr 26


Ferrari Lab


Stella Berendam
Fouda Lab
May 24


Jon Ark
Asokan Lab 
Ishak Irwan
Cullen Lab

Scientific organizer: Micah Luftig, 668-3091,
Administrative coordinator: Christy Krupa, 684-3031,

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