Past and Current Trainees

Predoctoral                Postdoctoral

Predoctoral Trainees

TraineeRecipient YearsFaculty MemberTerminal Degree(s) Received and Year(s)Topic of Research ProjectCurrent Position
Froggatt, Heather M.2017-2018Cullen, Bryan R.
Heaton, Nicholas S.
In trainingIn training
Sacco, Matthew T.2017-2018Horner, Stacy M.In trainingN6-Methyladenosine dynamics and role in the lifecycle of FlaviviridaeIn training
Singh, Tulika2017-2018Permar, SallieIn trainingEvaluating maternal immunity to Zika virus to guide vaccine designIn training
Arnson, Benjamin D.2016-2017Koeberl, Dwight D.In TrainingA single vector AAV approach to genome editing in Pompe diseaseIn Training
Harding, Alfred T.2016-2017Cullen, Bryan R.
Heaton, Nicholas S.
In TrainingRationally designed influenza virus-based vaccines that are antigenically stableIn Training
McFadden, Michael J.2016-2017Horner, Stacy M.In TrainingN6-methyladenosine regulates ISG production in the type I interferon responseIn Training
Messinger, Joshua E.2015-2016Luftig, Micah A.In TrainingEBV induces miR155 to maintain growth and latency in lymphoblastoid cell linesIn Training
Suryadevara, Carter M.2015-2016Sampson, John H.PHD/2017Adoptive T-cell immunotherapy for the treatment of malignant brain tumorsMD/Neurosurgery program
New York University School of Medicine
Dai, Joanne2014-2016Luftig, Micah A.In TrainingApoptosis resistance in EBV- infected B cellsIn Training
Xu, MengMeng2014-2015Counter, Christopher M.In TrainingCopper chelators as targeted therapy for BRAF V600E papillary thyroid cancerIn Training
Roder, Allison2014-2015Luftig, Micah A.
Horner, Stacy M.
In TrainingHCV NS4A and clathrin adaptor protein 2 in HCV assemblyIn Training
Wills, Saintedym2013-2014Tomaras, Georgia D.In TrainingHIV-1 Vaccine Induced IgA: Providing Protection or Diminishing ProtectionIn Training
Hafez, Amy Y.2013-2014Luftig, Micah A.In TrainingRole of EBNA3C in the DNA damage responseIn Training
Mefferd, Adam2013-2014Cullen, Bryan R.In TrainingCRISPR/Cas9 mediated inhibition of HIV-1 infectionIn Training
Walton, Ross W.2013-2014Gromeier, MatthiasIn TrainingInnate Immune Activation Improves Treatment by the Oncolytic Poliovirus PVSRIPOIn Training
Bryant, Jeffrey D.2013-2014Gromeier, MatthiasIn TrainingDefining the immunotherapeutic potential of a recombinant oncolytic poliovirusIn Training
Nicholson, Cindo2012-2013Keene, Jack D.PHD/2017Vif-mediated translation repression and cellular mRNA targets of VifPostdoctoral research fellow
U.S. NIEHS Environmental Hlth Scis Ctr
Poling, Brigid C.2012-2013Cullen, Bryan R.PHD/2017Role of BHRF1 microRNAs in EBV-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines
Price, Alexander M.2011-2013Luftig, Micah A.PHD/2016The delay of LMP1 mediated NFkB activity early after B- cell infection by EBVPost-Doctoral Fellow
Children's Hosp of Philadelphia
Whisnant, Adam W.2011-2012Cullen, Bryan R.PHD/2014MicroRNA interactions in viral infectionPostdoctoral fellow
University of Wurzburg
Homa, Nicholas J.2011-2012Luftig, Micah A.PHD/2017EBV-regulated host mRNA isoform choice in latencyProject manager & clinical pharmacology specialist, Nuventra
Brown, Michael C.2011-2012Gromeier, MatthiasPHD/2016MAP-Kinase signaling as an intracellular determinant for oncolytic poliovirusPostdoctoral fellow, Neurosurgery
Duke University Medical Center
Brandstadter, Joshua D.2010-2011Yang, YipingMD/2015, PHD/2015The role of NK cells in anti- viral and anti-tumor immunityResident, Internal Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Levitt, Brandt E.2010-2011Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.PHD/2017The role of 3' exonucleases in the RNA replication of flavivirusesPostdoctoral fellow
Duke University Medical Center
John, Tamika L.2010-2011Tomaras, Georgia D.PHD/2014Epigenetic regulation of the CD8+ T-cell effector response to HIVPresidential Management Fellow, USDA
Allensworth, Jennifer L.2010-2011Lyerly, Herbert K.
Devi, Gayathri
PHD/2013Antioxidant expression and TRAIL sensitivity in inflammatory breast cancerMedical Science Liaison
Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Frank, Christopher2010-2011Cullen, Bryan R.
Crawford, Gregory E.
PHD/2015Chromatin accessibility dynamics in response to environmental perturbationsFounding Scientist
Element Genomics, Inc.
Trama, Ashley M.2009-2010Tomaras, Georgia D.
Haynes, Barton F.
PHD/2014The ontogeny of mucosal and systemic antibody responses to HIV-1Research project manager
Duke Human Vaccine Institute
Almond, Joshua2009-2010Kreuzer, Kenneth N.PHD/2013Double-stranded DNA Break (DSB) repair and fork processing in bacteriophage T4MBA student
North Carolina State University Raleigh
Cavanaugh, Julia A.2009-2010Tomaras, Georgia D.NoneHumoral immune responses generated by candidate HIV vaccinesAdjunct Instructor Lee College
Landau, Dustin J.2009-2010Koeberl, Dwight D.PHD/2016Designing integrating adenovirus-associated vectorsClinical Research Associate I
Quintiles Federated Services, Inc.
Krupp, Deidre R.2009-2010Gregory, Simon G.
Luftig, Micah A.
PHD/2014Investigating factors contributing to human neural tube defectsFreelance academic editor
Kotula, Jonathan W.2006-2009Sullenger, Bruce A.PHD/2012Expanding the utility of RNA aptamer-siRNA chimerasLead Scientist/Scientist II
Synlogic Therapeutics
Byrnes, Edmond J.2006-2007Nevins, Joseph R.
Heitman, Joseph
PHD/2010Examination of the emerging human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus gattiiCommunications Director
National Institutes of Health
Cases, Marisa L.2006-2007Nevins, Joseph R.MS/2008Analysis of E2F functionAdjunct professor
Middlesex Community College
Kulp, Adam J.2006-2007Kuehn, Meta J.
Nevins, Joseph R.
PHD/2012Envelope stress responses regulation in E. coliResearch Scientist Micronature
Parsons, Deirdre B.2006-2007Clay, TimMS/2007High-Throughput SNP Genotyping BeadArray TechnologySenior Marketing Manager
Amgen, Inc.
Prow, Stacey2006-2007Cullen, Bryan R.
Seed, Patrick C.
PHD/2011Epigenetic regulation of macrophage survivalPostdoctoral Fellow USAMRIID
U.S. Army Medical Res Inst Infec Disease
Prest, Tiffany L.2006-2007Seed, Patrick C.PHD/2013Recombinase mediated pilus biogenesis in uropathogenic
E. coli (UPEC)
Postdoctoral research associate
University of Colorado
Lindy, Amanda S.2005-2006Liedtke, Wolfgang B.
Nevins, Joseph R.
PHD/2011Analysis of TRPV channel function in cell signal transduction and transformationAssistant Director Neurogenetics
Genedx, Inc.
Saunders, Kevin O.2005-2006Tomaras, Georgia D.PHD/2010Mechanism of virus suppression by non-cytolytic CD8+ T-cellsAsst. Professor, Surgery, DHVI
Duke University Medical Center
McGowen, Afton L.2005-2006Nevins, Joseph R.
Staats, Herman F.
PHD/2011Mechanisms of vaccine- induced anti-viral secretory IgAOperations Director
Research Square
Frahm, Marc A.2005-2006Tomaras, Georgia D.
Ferrari, Guido
PHD/2012Effect of HAART and HLA Alleles on the Control of Viral ReplicationBiotechnology equity research associate
Cowen and Company
Bennett, Heather N.2005-2006Garcia-Blanco, Mariano A.PHD/2009Alternative splicing & transcriptionAssistant Professor,
Chemistry High Point University
Aird, Katherine M.2005-2006Lyerly, Herbert K.
Devi, Gayathri
PHD/2010Role of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins in cancer cell survivalAssistant Professor
Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr
Spesock, April H.2004-2006Pickup, David J.PHD/2009Mechanisms of poxviral interference with host immune defensesProduct Development Manager
Seqirus, Inc.
Schulteis, Ryan D.2004-2005Nevins, Joseph R.MD/2009Perturbation Analysis of Gene Regulatory NetworksAsst Professor of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Findley, Keisha2004-2005Nevins, Joseph R.
Heitman, Joseph
PHD/2010Pathogenicity Determinants in Opportunistic Fungal PathogensInterdisc. Scientist/Microbiol ogist
U.S. Food And Drug Administration
Ottenbacher, Monica R.2004-2005Marchuk, Douglas A.
Nevins, Joseph R.
MA/2006Role of phospholipase enzymes in Drosophila behaviorSenior Manager
Accenture Mortgage Cadence
Meyer, Haley P.2004-2005Cullen, Bryan R.NoneRetroviral pathogenesisUnknown
Kennedy, Ryan R.2004-2005Cullen, Bryan R.NoneInnate resistance of human cells to infection by transforming retrovirusesAssociate
Kane, Pugh, Knoell, Troy & Kramer, LLP
Sessions, October2003-2005Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.PHD/2009Flavirviral-Host Cell InteractionsAssistant Professor
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Shaw, Charlie V.2003-2004Alexander, Kenneth A.PHD/2005Human Papillomavirus oncoprotein E6 modulation of human innate immunityLife Sciences Tech Commercialization Off
Clemson University Research Foundation
Mauger, David M.2003-2004Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.PHD/2007Dysregulation of alternative splicing of FGFR2 during prostate cancerSenior Scientist
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.
Styer, Katie L.2003-2004Aballay, Alejandro
Nevins, Joseph R.
PHD/2008Analysis of virulence factors in a genetically tractable organismSenior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Emergent Biosolutions, Inc.
Lin, Emily2002-2004Pickup, David J.MA/2005Poxvirus interaction with the TLR system.Owner, Canton Dental Associates
Hilbun, Layla2002-2004Nevins, Joseph R.
Aballay, Alejandro
MA/2005Novel targets for antifungal drugsUnknown
Doehle, Brian P.2002-2004Cullen, Bryan R.PHD/2006APOBEC3 Mediated Intrinsic Immunity to Retroviral InfectionResearch Scientist II
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Dufresne, Andrew T.2001-2003Gromeier, MatthiasPHD/2005Genetically stable picornavirus expression vectorsAssociate, patent law
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Campbell (Moore), Stephanie A.2001-2003Gromeier, MatthiasPHD/2006Targeting Translation Control in Malignant GliomaMedical Science Liaison
Florez, Paola M.2001-2003Gromeier, MatthiasPHD/2006Analysis of the role of cellular proteins in mediating viral IRES functionPlatform leader for the GERMS platform
Genome Institute of Singapore
Lynch, Heather E.2001-2003Pickup, David J.PHD/2007Poxvirus activation of the NF- kB signaling pathwayAsst. Dir., RBL Program Management
Duke Human Vaccine Institute
Bishop, Brian2001-2003Abraham, Soman N.
Nevins, Joseph R.
PHD/2007Exocytosis of E. coli from infected epitheliaSenior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Emergent Biosolutions, Inc.
Hartman, Zachary C.2001-2002Lyerly, Herbert K.PHD/2006Use of adenoviral vectors to ampify innate immune responses in cancerAssistant Professor
Surgery-Surgical Sciences
Duke University Medical Center
Tanner, Alice M.2000-2001Sullenger, Bruce A.PHD/2004Isolation of aptamers that bind to and inhibit E2FAssistant Professor
Emory University
Root, Christiana2000-2001TBDNoneUnknownUnknown
Baraniak, Andrew P.2000-2001Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.PHD/2006Alternative splicing of FGFR2 transcriptsPatent agent
Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP
Pitoc, George A.2000Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.MS/2000The alternative splicing of FGFR3 transcriptsSenior Laboratory Research Analyst
Duke University Medical Center
Huang, Erich S.1999-2001Nevins, Joseph R.PHD/2002, MD/2003Oncogenic Events in the RbE2F PathwayAsst. Dean of Biomedical Informatics, Asst. Prof. Biostatistics
Duke University Medical Center
Carlson, Kerri M.1998-2000Nevins, Joseph R.
Marchuk, Douglas A.
PHD/2004Mapping modifier genesAssistant Professor
University of St. Thomas
Duncan, Matthew J. 1998-2000Pickup, David J. & Abraham, Soman N.PHD/2005Pathogenesis of UTIsEngineered Products Consultant S2n Other
Hartley, Kelly A.1997-2001Alexander, Kenneth A.PHD/2002HPV regulation by E1 and E2 proteinsUnknown
Oie, Katrina L.1995-1998Pickup, David J.PHD/2001Viral inhibition of the activation of NF-κBScientific consulting/writing

Postdoctoral Trainees

TraineeRecipient YearsFaculty MemberTopic of Research ProjectCurrent Position
Chambers, Benjamin S.2017-Cullen, Bryan R.
Heaton, Nicholas S.
Long-term effects of DNA damage in cells that have survived direct influenza infectionIn training
Zimmerman, Seth2017-Counter, Christopher M.Effects of phosphorylation of RalA on signaling and tumorigenesisIn training
Stanfield, Brent A.2017-Luftig, Micah A.Genomic elements that regulate expression of Epstein-Barr virus LMP1In training
Deleon, Gabriel2016-2017Lyerly, Herbert K.
Hartman, Zachary C.
Ectopic overexpression of MAVS as a novel immunomodulatory strategy
Crosby, Erika J.2015-2017Lyerly, Herbert K.
Hartman, Zachary C.
Targeting an oncogenic HER2 isoform with a novel adenoviral vaccination platformIn training
Beachboard, Dia C.2015-2017Horner, Stacy M.Rab1b regulation of anti- viral innate immunityIn training
Tsai, Kevin2014-Cullen, Bryan R.N6-methyladenosine in the post-transcriptional regulation of EBV RNAsIn training
Sauer, Scott J.2013-2016Devi, GayathriOxidative Stress Response on Immunotherapy and Local Invasion of Breast CancerScientist
SQZ Biotech
Flores, Omar2012-2013Cullen, Bryan R.Role of microRNAs in herpesvirus latency and pathogenesisDirector of clinical research/Director of finance
NuSirt Sciences
McFadden, Karyn2011-2012Luftig, Micah A.Host pathway response to early EBV transformation of B cellsScientist
Amgen, Inc.
Schaeffer, Daneen L.2010-2011Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.Cell migration during epithelial-mesenchymal transitionsMedical Science Liaison
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Skalsky, Rebecca L.2009-2011Cullen, Bryan R.Effects of viral and cellular microRNAs on tumorigenesisAssistant Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
Umbach, Jennifer L.2008-2010Cullen, Bryan R.Identification and characterization of virally-derived small RNAsDirector Marketing, Brand Head
Orexo US, Inc.
Pratico, Elizabeth D.2008-2009Sullenger, Bruce A.Therapeutic aptamer- siRNA chimeras treatment of inflammation and B cell lymphomaPrincipal Scientist
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Webb, Michael R.2007Kreuzer, Kenneth N.DNA Helicases and DNA RepairPostdoctoral scholar
University of California, Davis
Leung, Yee Man Janet2006-2007Nevins, Joseph R.Control of Cellular Transcription by Viral OncoproteinsResearch Assistant Professor
Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Hall, Allison H.2005-2006Alexander, Kenneth A.RNA Interference to Block Papilloma Virus TransformationAssistant Professor
Duke University Medical Center
McNamara, James O.2004-2006Sullenger, Bruce A.RNA Aptamers as Immune Response ModulatorsAssociate Professor
Internal Medicine University of Iowa
Burton, Elizabeth A.2004-2005Pendergast, Ann MarieFunction of the Abl OncoproteinScientist Plexxikon, Inc.
Freedman, Jennifer A.2003-2006Nevins, Joseph R.Role of promoter sequences in E2F specifictyAssistant Professor
Medicine-Oncology Duke University Medical Center
Bild, Andrea H.2002-2005Nevins, Joseph R.Oncogenic Pathway Deregulation in Human CancersAssociate Professor
Pharmacology & Toxicology
University Of Utah
Robson, Nicole D.2001-2003Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.The Link Between Transcription and Alternative SplicingTime off from science
Plattner, Rina2001-2002Pendergast, Ann MarieMechanisms of Abl kinase activation and signalingProfessor
University of Kentucky
Pearson, James L.2000-2003Garcia- Blanco, Mariano A.Genomic approaches to identify targets of CA150R&D Venture Manager
Bayer Cropscience, Lp
Rempel, Rachel E.2000-2001Nevins, Joseph R.The role of E2F family members in cell cycle controlSenior research assoc., Hematol Malignancies
Duke University Medical Center
Burdick, Michael D.1999-2002Keene, Jack D.Defining the role of HuB in protein translationDirector, Pathogen Safety
Asano, Maki1998-2001Nevins, Joseph R.E2F transcription Factor and Control of Cell ProliferationDeceased