Katie Drinkwater

Contact me: duke.swe.secretary@gmail.com or kdd20@duke.edu

Hey! I’m Katie Drinkwater, the 21-22 VP of Communications! I am a Mechanical Engineering major with an I&E Certificate in the Class of 2023. I love using engineering design to achieve social impact! 

I’m from Reno, Nevada, but I love the long Springs here in Durham! On campus, I’m involved in Club Taekwondo, Club Krav Maga, DEID, and Illyria. I am also a Pratt tour guide! I love cooking, gardening, traveling, paddle boarding, and country music. My goal for SWE is to foster a supportive ecosystem for all Pratt stars through fun and collaborative programs! 

Please feel free to reach out to me at kdd20@duke.edu! As the VP of Communications, I will be managing the SWE email, website, and socials, so you can also find me on instagram @duke.swe!