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Free headshots on 04/10/21!

We will be having a headshot event from 11:00-1:00 this Saturday, April 10th. Use the google sheet below to sign up! This is a great opportunity to get a professional headshot with the classic Chapel background for free. Don’t miss it!

Scholarship Resources!

Hey Duke SWE,

We recently heard of a great resource for scholarships for women! There are even specific scholarships for women pursuing STEM so we definitely wanted to share this. Check our our resources page for more information!

Here’s the link:

Funding for Cybersecurity Education!

See here:

WindAid Kickstarter Campaign!

An update on some cool things Pratt females are up to this summer!

Three Pratt women are participating in a Duke Engage independent program in Perú this summer volunteering for an organization called WindAid. The organization builds wind turbines and gives them to Peruvian households without access to grid electricity. The organization is currently holding a fundraiser to raise funds for a test center in one of the communities that they frequent. The test center will be used to educate community members about how to maintain their turbines if problems should arise, but also other aspects such as teaching new recipes and means of nutrition to community members and educating children on the importance on living sustainably.

Here’s some more info from WindAid if you’re interested, and the link to their website:

They’re working with the Playa Blanca community and a joint team from WindAid and they’ve already put in the posts, walls and a temporary roof to the first three rooms. Phase 1 should be completed in November 2016 to provide a basic facility and the workshop will be fully operational by early 2017.

To raise the funds, WindAid’s first crowdfunding event is aiming for $35,000 by 4 July 2016. At the time of writing 96 backers from across the world had pledged over $7,800, for rewards from classic Peruvian handicrafts to a full month’s installation program. The level of support not only from people with a connection to WindAid, but also those who recognize the value of the workshop has been an inspiration to the project team.

WindAid Institute´s new event has been selected by crowdfunding site Kickstarter as a Project We Love. This is a fantastic endorsement of a vital project giving sustainable, reliable energy to a remote fishing village in northern Peru, Playa Blanca.

Further resources:

– WindAid Institute website –

– Kickstarter campaign page –

– WindAid Facebook page –

– #lightupalife

– Contact Danielle Holt ( for more information!

Introducing the 2013-2014 SWE Executive Board!

As the year rounds into a close, we have the great pleasure of introducing our 2013-2014 Executive Board members!


President: Isabelle Brogna

Vice President: Victoria Png

Secretary: Cynthia Bai

Treasurer: Katya Gorbacheva

Recruitment Chair: Claire Alligood

Public Relations Chair: Lucy Dawson

Industry and Alumni Relations Chair: Shanice Mclean

Career and Professional Development Chair: Crystal Chukwurah

Outreach Chair: Ifeoma Anyansi

Social Chair: Michelle Seywald

Webmaster: Maggie Lin


Congrats to our newest Executive Board! Thank you to all the wonderful girls who ran and everyone who showed up in support!

Duke SWE Elections, Apply by SUNDAY!

That’s right, Duke SWE is ready for some administrative change-ups. Elections will be held Sunday, April 1, and you can run for three positions! The positions up for election are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Recruitment and Public Relations, Industry and Alumni Relations, Academic and Professional Development, Outreach Chair, Social Chair, and Webmaster. That’s 120 possible combinations of positions you could be applying for!!

If you are interested, please send a platform (why you want the position, your qualifications, etc.) for each position you’re applying for to Rachel by March 18. It is suggested that meet with the person currently holding the position you are applying for, and for this information as well as info on what is expected by each member of SWE exec, please head to .

Media Blitz Week Day 4

It’s the end of E-Week!

Today’s topic:  How has SWE helped you ACHIEVE?

Media Blitz Week Day 3

Happy E-Week/SWE media blitz week!

Today’s Topic:  How has SWE helped you ADVANCE?

Media Blitz Week Day 2

Happy E-Week/SWE media blitz week!

Today’s Topic:  How has SWE helped you ASPIRE?

Media Blitz Week Day 1

Let’s Facebook/Tweet/Comment about SWE this week!

Today’s topic:  How has SWE influenced your life?

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