Duke Society of Women Engineers

Executive Council Meeting

9/23/2013 6:00pm Social Sciences 113

President (Izzy)

–       Pratt in Focus – October 19, 1-2:15
–       CMA funding for second semester
–       SWE Calendar/Duke Groups

Outreach Officer (Ife)
–       Boeing fellows program – $4,000 – contact iba3@duke.edu
–       Habitat for humanity build  – 10/19  – Sign up before too late (see digest)
–       Technoquest – 11/16 – Sign ups live this week (see digest)

Industry and Alumni Relations Officer (Shanice)
–       SWE Tailgate Saturday

Academic and Professional Development Officer (Crystal)
–       NC State Career Fair – check digest or email ctc16@duke.edu for more info

Public Relations Officer (Lucy)
–       Shirts! 5$ for national SWE members and 10$ otherwise, cash only

Social Events Officer (Michelle)
–       Social chair updates

Webmaster (Maggie)
–       Like our Facebook page! (and tell your friends to as well!)

Vice President (Victoria)
–       Conference Information