SWE Seniors,


Interested in a career that will allow you to apply your analytical and problem solving skills from engineering to the business world?  Putnam Associates, a boutique strategy consulting firm just outside of Boston, is looking for competitive applicants for full time positions starting in the summer of 2013.  Putnam specializes in providing strategic advice to some of the world’s top biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.  Putnam clients include 9 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 3 of the top 5 biotechnology leaders.  Though we engage in similar work as many larger consulting firms, our industry-specific approach gives our clients security in the knowledge that we are well acquainted with the current market conditions in which they compete.  This also allows us to be extremely in tune with their needs and goals – therefore we exceed in efficiency and excellence.  The diversity and technological aspects of the industry, however, keep our work exciting and engaging.


As a Duke class of 2010 graduate in Biomedical Engineering, I was hired on at the analyst level.  From the day I first stepped into the office, I have felt like part of the team.  Analysts carry responsibility immediately upon the completion of training, and employees from all levels contribute ideas to the formation of strategy.  The work is challenging and diverse.  I also enjoy the focus on the healthcare industry. Activities range from team meetings to computer model development to interaction with clients and research participants.  The culture at Putnam is excellent.  While it is very professional and professional dress is expected, the fact that analysts and associates make up almost half the company creates a fun, collegial environment.  Once I met the people, I was no longer nervous about starting a new job as I instantly felt accepted and have made great friends through work.


Two years later, I have now been promoted to the Senior Associate Consultant position, which gives me the opportunity to manage Analysts and Associate Consultants on my team. You will find that having the opportunity to gain management skills is typically rare this soon after graduation, and this makes Putnam an ideal choice for a career that prepares you for the top business schools.


Putnam allows for both professional and personal development.  While we have been ranked in the top 50 Consulting firms by Vault.com for a number of years, we also rank in the top 10 for “Quality of Life”.  We work hard, but the company also stresses work/life balance.


Since starting, I can honestly say that I have had fun when I come to work – something I’m not sure I was expecting.  To learn more, visit our booth at the career fair and attend our Information Session at 5pm on September 20th in Von Canon A.  The deadline for Putnam’s resume drop is midnight on September 20th. In addition, I will be in von der Heyden from 11am to 12pm on Friday, September 21st to answer any additional questions you may have about life after Duke in general and case interviews!


Thanks for your time, and don’t hesitate to contact me!

Alaina Pleatman

Duke BME Class of 2010

SWE President 2009-2010