Sports Performance Training for All Sports, All Ages, All Levels

Duke Sports Performance works with people across the full spectrum of sports, ages, and levels of play. We work with high school athletes seeking college scholarships, recreational athletes who want to improve, professional athletes who must play to their full potential, and aging athletes who want to stay in action. We also work with people who simply want to improve their fitness.


Picture yourself improving. We show you the quickest route to your potential. Depending on your needs, we focus on agility, speed, strength, stamina, flexibility, body composition, and endurance.

Our clients have included professional football, basketball, and baseball players, as well as professional triathletes and golfers. We’ve helped a world champion racquetball player, All-American field hockey player, national champion swimmer, high school state champions in lacrosse, state high school soccer player of the year, and local track and bowling champions. We’ve also worked with track and field athletes, and runners of all distances including the fastest 11-year old female miler in the country and a 50-mile racer. Our clients have also included alpine climbers, adventure racers, tennis players, volleyball players, rowers, kayakers, martial artists, skiers, body builders, referees in football and soccer, and U.S. soldiers training for combat in Iraq.

Sports Performance Services

Our services are described below. For further information on all except Golf Performance, contact Greg McElveen, Director, Duke Sports Performance at 919 681 4184 or For Golf Performance, please see the contact information in that section at the bottom of this webpage.

Personal Training: Choose from one-on-one or small group sessions.

Body Composition Assessment and Analysis: We use the techy “Bod Pod” to provide a thorough analysis of your percent fat, percent lean, pounds fat, pounds lean, Resting Metabolic Rate, comparison of your data versus norms, information regarding future health outcomes and optimal body composition for your goals.

Endurance Assessments for Runners, Cyclists, and Rowers: In order to establish optimal heart rate training ranges and to evaluate your fitness and the efficacy of your training program, we determine your lactate threshold and/or VO2Max (oxygen uptake).

Training Plan Development: We help you devise your personalized, data-driven plan.

Boomers and Aging Athletes Program: This program adds focus to athletic aging needs, especially sport-specific strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

Professional and Elite Athletes Intensive Residential Program: Top athletes come from far and wide and reside locally during their training period. Athletes may stay at the conveniently located Washington Duke Inn whose Chef works with our sports nutritionist to ensure optimal nutrition that suits the athlete’s needs and preferences.

Field Testing: We test athletes both here on campus and at client sites. Tests may include assessments of speed, power, agility, stamina, strength and flexibility.

Soccer Performance: The world’s favorite sport enjoys its own special program here.

Golf Performance: We list this excellent program last only because we have much to say about. We boast the leadership of certified Golf Instructor, Doctor of physical therapy and fitness mastermind, Jason Shutt. Contact Jason directly at 260 414 0348 or

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