This month we are highlighting a unique vendor in the event world – Storr Office Environemnts. You might have worked with Storr to order office furniture, but maybe you didn’t know that they offer event support. Many of Duke’s large scale events are carried out with the setup assistance of Storr staff. We are very excited to highlight the partnership Duke has with Storr.

1.What would you like the Duke community to know about STORR? 

For over 100 years, Storr Office Environments has been distinguished in the Raleigh/Durham/Greensboro marketplace as the leading resource for your new and used office furniture needs.  We serve several local companies, including SAS, Red Hat, and Lenovo, as well as Universities and medical centers.   

To help Duke University and Duke University Health System with their increasing internal logistical needs, Storr created its own Duke Services Team over a year ago. Their primary goal is to assist with their day-to-day functions. However, Storr has been working on the Duke campus for years. Some of our recent and current projects include: 

  • Completed a project for the Divinity School, four years ago 
  • Provided furniture for the Bryan Center 
  • Assisted Duke UCAE with the 2019 graduation events 
  • Currently working with Duke UCAE (University Center Activities & Events) to help with 
    on-site servicing 
  • Currently supporting the Duke University Health System designers with the relocation of the Duke University Health Technical Services team to RTP 

Because both of our organizations have a long history in the Triangle, Storr values our partnership with Duke University, and Duke University Health System. We will continue to find ways to strengthen that relationship.

2.What services can you provide to Duke departments?

Storr provides a variety of services to both Duke University and Duke University Health System  through our Duke Services team. This group manages storage inventory and surplus dispoals, personnel and equipment moves, event set-up and tear down, plus graduation event coordination set-up.  

Our Duke Services Team provides a valuable service to the University, but that only scratches the surface of what Storr can provide all of Duke. In addition to the previously mentioned services, Storr is a leading provider of new and used furniture, design and space planning, architectural walls, flooring, project management, ergonomic services plus so much more. Our company is continually expanding our services to help our customers reach their goals.  

Our goal is simple: To be your single-source solution.

3.How can you assist with events specifically?

Storr’s Duke Services Team is there to assist any event organizer as much as possible and facilitate event planning. Our experienced team will relocate the necessary equipment for an event, set up the tables and the chairs, disburse the tablecloths, and even help decorate the venue. After the event, our team will even help return the location to its original appearance or set it up for another event. Our job is to make sure the event planner and the attendees enjoy the celebration. 

4.How many jobs per week does STORR have on Duke’s campus?

Based upon the needs of Duke University and Duke University Health System, Storr’s Duke Services Team completes anywhere from 25 to 110 jobs per week. This number doesn’t include the other jobs that we perform for Duke University and Duke University Health System. On any given week, Storr could have a variety of team members doing various jobs not only on the main campus in Durham but throughout the Triangle. 

5.Anything else we should know about STORR? 

Storr’s purpose is to positively impact the lives of their team members, their customers, and the community.  

Storr offers exceptional benefits to employees, including our Fit Life program, adoption assistance, WeCare for team members in need, and, of course, creating a comfortable work environment.   

For their customers, Storr wants to find ways to help customers work better. From new collaborative office spaces to modern business solutions, Storr will listen and create a solution that meets the customer’s business goals.  

Finally, Storr believes in helping the community. Storr team members and their leadership are encouraged to give back to their respective communities. Storr provides a variety of philanthropic programs throughout the year to help employees reach this goal.  

We consistantly develop company policies so Storr can be leaders in the community we live in and beyond. 

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