For our November vendor, we are stepping off-campus to highlight CE Rental. Many Duke departments work with CE Rental to coordinate the rental of tables, chairs, linens, tents, and so much more. CE loves to work with their Duke partners, they shared some rental advice along with event trends below:

1.What would you like the Duke community to know about CE Rental? 

From weddings and parties to corporate events, galas, and fundraisers our experienced team will partner with you to create spectacular events and enduring memories.  We have been a part of reunions, homecomings, gamedays, and more, and we look forward to being a part of events at Duke in the future.

2. What makes you stand out in the rental business?

Our customer service!  We are responsive and provide the attention to detail that is needed to help execute events.  Our team has years of experience, and we can apply that to your event so you can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.  We want to make sure your special event is a success, and we will do everything we can to provide a fantastic experience for you and your guests.

3. Do you have any special Duke rental items?

Some of our favorite items to showcase at Duke are our specialty linens.  Our linens are custom-made at our warehouse in Raleigh.  We have dozens of different linens we have specifically selected for events at Duke.  From the most classic events at Washington Duke Inn, to more modern events at the Nasher Museum of Art, CE has what you need.

4. What is a popular trend in rentals you are seeing right now?

For event color schemes, neutrals are becoming more and more popular.  Muted ivory shades and different tones of gray have become very popular in both our linen and china selections.

5. What rental trend do you wish would go away?

Water barrels as a method of anchoring tents.  We always prefer to drive stakes into the ground to anchor our tents, but when that is not possible, often times water barrels are used.  CE has been increasing our inventory of concrete ballasts in place of water barrels.  There are multiple benefits to the concrete ballasts in place of water barrels:  more environmentally friendly, safer form of anchoring, and provides a cleaner look to the outside of the tent.

6. What is the first thing clients should do when considering renting a tent for an event?

Call CE Rental!  There are many factors to consider even at the beginning of the event:  size, location, time of the event, time for set-up, permitting, weather, power access, backup plans, etc.  It can be very daunting task and easy to not think of a specific detail until too late.  Let us at CE help guide you, and we can make sure to get started on the right foot.