Tissue Procurement and Analysis Core

M. Angelica Selim, MD
Professor of Pathology and Dermatology
Director of Dermatopathology
Departments of Pathology and Dermatology

Advancing research into the pathogenesis and treatment of skin disease requires the availability of high quality, well characterized collection of human tissue, serum and cells from well characterized patients with skin diseases. The availability of these samples is critical for investigators interested in translating basic laboratory findings relevant to the pathogenesis and treatment of skin diseases. In addition, expert dermatopathology consultation is often required by laboratory and clinical researchers in the interpretation of skin findings in order to increase the quality and efficiency of both animal and human studies.

The goals of the Tissue Procurement and Analysis Core are:

  1. To provide broad access to tissue banking for human samples utilizing the full capabilities of the Duke Biobank and Duke Biospecimen Repository and Processing Core.
  2. Provide access to banked samples for research in skin biology and diseases.
  3. Provide expert human and animal pathology support for tissue processing and analysis

The Duke Pinnell Center Tissue Procurement and Analysis Core can provide for investigators the clinical research coordinators necessary for obtaining informed consent and entering tissue, serum and/or cells into a fully accredited Biorepository. In addition, tissue processing is available to Pinnell Center investigators using the Duke ImmunoHistology Research Laboratory with the availability of dermatopathologist to assure the highest quality sectioning and stains from both animal and human tissue. Finally, expert human and animal dermatopathology is available for evaluation of tissue samples to ensure accurate and high quality evaluation of research samples.

Sample for Bio-Bank Services Provided Cost ($)/sample
Serum/Plasma storage Acquisition, barcoding, controlled storage $17.00
DNA Acquistion, barcoding, Extraction, quality analysis, concentration determination , controlled storage $46.00
Tissue Acquisition, barcoding, Embedding, section for diagnosis confirmation when indicated, controlled storage $245.00
Histopathologic/Immunopathology analysis Embedding, Sectioning, Staining From fresh tissue to paraffin block $5.75/cassette


From block to first section                    $5.60


One H&E                                                    $4.30

TOTAL (fresh to first H&E):                  $15.65


Serial section                                           $2.95

H&E                                                            $4.30

TOTAL (additional H&E):         $7.25


Histochemical stain                               $10.50


Immunohistochemical stain

Titer and optimize antibody                 $1000

Antibody supplied by lab        $25/slide

Antibody supplied by investigator     $22.50/slide


Slide Box                                                    $23.50


Dermatopathology examination Review of histology with interpretation $125