Pinnell Center Core Laboratory Voucher Program

Duke Pinnell Center for Investigative Dermatology
Voucher Program Application Process


The voucher program for the Duke Pinnell Center is designed to provide increased access to services available within the Pinnell Center Core Laboratories for Pinnell Center Investigators and others in the research community with the goal of the advancement of investigation of skin biology and skin diseases at Duke.

Principles for utilization of the Voucher Program Funds:

  • Pinnell Center members requesting Core Services who have neither existing grant funding nor an appropriate pilot project will be eligible for funding. Other Duke investigators are eligible to apply but preference will be given to Pinnell Center members
  • Investigators with pilot projects can request additional support beyond the project budget for core services with appropriate justification for additional funding
  • Pinnell Center members or other Duke investigators with active grant funding supporting utilization of the core will pay full cost for core services.
  • Pinnell Center members with active grant funding requesting core services beyond what is supported by their grant can apply for voucher support to expand the grant support with appropriate justification. Other Duke investigators are eligible to apply but preference will be given to Pinnell Center members.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be for one year with renewals possible

Application process for the Voucher Program:

  • Application to be completed online at
  • Email when application is complete
  • Application to appropriate Core Director
  • Application to include:
    • Scientific description and justification for utilization of core resources
    • Current funding support via grants and /or discretionary funds
    • Budget requested, description and justification including matching funds available ($5,000 per year limit)
    • Letter of support of project and request from senior investigator for pre-doctoral, post-doctoral fellows or residents making requests

Application Evaluation and Approval Process

  • Core Director will evaluate project including proposed budget and recommend approval or disapproval with level of funding
  • Core Director will present evaluation at monthly Executive Committee meeting and decision regarding level of funding and length of funding , reporting requirements
  • Executive Committee will review quarterly utilization of all Cores by voucher recipients