Pinnell Center Monthly Research Seminar

All meetings held in the Medical Science Research Building from 11:30am-1:00pm

09.11.18MSRB1-001Tatiana Segura, PhD"Using biomaterials to promote skin wound healing"
10.19.18Searle Conference CenterPinnell Annual Symposium---
11.13.18MSRB1-001Victor Perez, MD"The Eye is a Window to Dermatological Diseases: Medical and Surgical Treatments"
12.11.18MSRB1-001Timothy Haystead, PhD"Tethered inhibitors of Hsp90 reveal new biology and therapeutic indications for Hsp90"
01.08.19MSRB1-001Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD"Skin-sensory nerve interactions in contact dermatitis and chemical exposures: mediators, targets, and pharmacological interventions"
02.12.19MSRB1-001Pierre Coulombe, PhD"Novel determinants of skin epithelial homeostasis"
03.12.19MSRB1-001Daniel Saban, PhD"Neutrophils cause obstruction of eyelid sebaceous glands in inflammatory eye disease"
04.09.19MSRB1-001James Bain, PhD“Stratifying cardiovascular risk in psoriasis: Can metabolomics help?”
05.14.19NO MEETING------
06.11.19MSRB1-001Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD, PhDMicrobiota regulation of skin immunity