February 4, 2020

Service and Advocacy

The Service and Advocacy committee aims to identify pressing health issues in Duke, Durham, and North Carolina and develop policy interventions to equitably address community health needs.

Meeting time: Saturday’s from 4 to 5 pm EDT
Zoom link: https://duke.zoom.us/j/93977520460


  • Latino Health Roundtable
    This is a community resource that helps Durham LatinX folks access better care. They are looking for help managing their website and planning guest speakers for their group! They are very excited about collaborating with us– if you want to develop a relationship with community leaders and taking on some leadership, this is for you.
  • Fundraising for Food and Racial Justice
    We are close to a launch date! For those of you who are new, we are fundraising for Feed My Sheep food pantry, who will put the money towards catering from black-owned restaurants for their clients. We will need help with advertising soon!  If you have graphic design skills or places to publicize this, we need you.
  • Affordable Care Act EnrollmentThe open enrollment period has been extended this year due to COVID-19 and we can help! For background on what this means, read this. We are working with Legal Aid NC to call residents who may be uninsured to inform them of the change and provide them with information about enrollment appointments. As some of you may know, you can apply to volunteer as an ACA Navigator in the fall, where you actually assist people in enrolling in ACA insurance. Signing up for calling now would be a great way to demonstrate your interest!
  • Cancer Institute Directory
    We will continue our work with the Office of Health Equity from the Duke Cancer Institute. They want us to create a directory with contacts from different cancer institutes in order to improve communication across centers and access to health resources for patients.
  • Duke Autism Center
    We are currently partnering with the North Carolina Psychiatric Access Line (NC-PAL) service housed at the Duke Autism Center. This service connects primary care physicians (PCPs) with psychiatrists from the Duke Autism Center who offer consultations and advice to better address patient needs. For our project, we will be developing 1-pagers and surveys to send to PCPs who call in that will evaluate their understanding of resources available to families with intellectual disabilities, such as the Innovations Waiver program in North Carolina.

Contact the Chairs:

Vibhav Nandagiri: vibhav.nandagiri@duke.edu
Nathan Strang: nathan.strang@duke.edu