February 4, 2020

Health Policy Education

This page was last updated Dec. 20, 2022

The Health Policy Education committee is focused on increasing the number of health policy education opportunities available for Duke students through advocating for a formal health policy certificate, maintaining and developing house courses, and creating projects in the Duke and Durham community.

Meeting Time: Every other Monday from 11-12 AM (time subject to change)
Zoom Link: https://duke.zoom.us/j/8649070716

2022-2023 Projects

  • Establishing a living learning community through working with HRL to foster a community of health policy scholars.
  • Launched the Health Policy Certificate program in conjunction with Duke-Margolis and the Sanford School (designated page tk)

Potential Projects

  • Creating a house course transition program whereby health policy house courses can be passed on to other students so they do not die out.
  • Creating a program where Duke students can educate the Durham community through events on key health policy topics and how they directly affect the community in collaboration with the Service & Advocacy Committee.

Contact the Chairs

Pratamesh Ramasubramanian: pvr2@duke.edu