February 4, 2020

Career and Professional Development

The Career and Professional Development Committee’s mission is to increase awareness of non-clinical careers in healthcare and connect students to alumni/professionals in these fields. This semester, we are excited to plan the 2nd Annual Health Policy Case Competition, build upon and continue sharing a Health Policy Career handbook to provide information on pursuing non-clinical careers in healthcare, while implementing a mentorship program to connect members of SCOHP with Margolis Scholars. We also look forward to creating a Health Policy Certification Program to provide students with accreditation to attest to their exposure and interest in healthcare policy.

Potential Projects

  • Annual Health Policy Case Competition: The committee is central in planning a health policy case competition that will take place in the Fall of 2021 in partnership with Margolis Center and DCC. The plan for this project will follow that of the prior case competition in the Spring of 2021. We hope to explore is the participation of teams from other schools in the area and across the country.
  • Career Handbook: We will continue to update and disseminate the career guidebook that was created in the past year.
  • Mentorship program: We will create a mentorship program between graduate students in health policy fields and undergraduates. We look forward to reaching out to Margolis and other networks to find mentors, reaching out to undergraduates to determine interest in the program, matching mentors to students based on interest, and determining deliverables from the program.
  • Health Policy Certification Program: Modeled after the Investment Training Program of Duke Investment Club, this program will consist of 10 weeks of lectures/activities, each followed by an assessment of student skills/knowledge. Those who complete the program will earn the SCOHP Health Policy Certificate, showing that the student has been exposed to the different fields and interest areas in health policy.

Contact the Chairs

Sai Rachakonda: saiharshith.rachakonda@duke.edu
Velda Wang: velda.wang@duke.edu