February 26, 2020


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Point of Care Speaker Series: Daniel Stein on 3/4
Can employers do more to help their employees get access to affordable care from high-quality providers, and can they do more to support physicians and other providers in delivering high-quality care?
Embold Health Founder and CEO, Daniel Stein, MD, MBA, will explore what employers, such as Walmart, are doing to address these questions and how Embold is supporting these efforts through innovative data and analytic approaches. Bringing together large data sets in health care, clinically validated analytics, and the expertise of leading physicians and data scientists, Embold is enabling employers to identify top-performing providers to ensure that employees receive appropriate, high-quality care, all providers have the opportunity to improve, and opportunities for cost-savings are realized. Join us! Register here. If you have any questions, please email margolisevents@duke.edu.

Duke SCOHP Featured in DGHI Article!
Check out this article discussing a COVID-19 Community Resource Directory created by Duke SCOHP, Help Desk, and CEF!

Duke SCOHP's First Health Policy Week
Join us for our first health policy week through which we will touch on topics such as health and racial disparities, election 2020, health policy careers, environmental health/politics, and reproductive health! Follow our instagram (@dukescohp) to stay up-to-date!