February 26, 2020


2nd Annual SCOHP Health Policy Case Competition

Want to gain experience in developing and delivering major healthcare innovations? Interested in health policy, entrepreneurship, consulting, or healthcare?

Duke undergraduate students of all backgrounds are invited to participate in the second annual Health Policy Case Competition which will be hosted on September 10th and 11th, 2021 in collaboration with Duke Student Collaborative on Health Policy (SCOHP), Duke Consulting Club, Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy, and RTI International. As a participant, you will gain the opportunity to simulate business problem-solving oriented towards healthcare and network with industry leaders. The first-place team will receive a $1000 cash prize, second place will receive $500, and third place will receive $250!

Apply here by September 3 as either an individual or as a member of up to a 5-person team. If you are applying as a team, only one member of your team needs to fill out the form! No prior experience is necessary: This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, and we hope to see you there! See the attached flyer for more info.


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