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About Us

Dukes and Duchesses was established in 1979 as an organization of student ambassadors dedicated to serving Duke University. The members of the Dukes and Duchesses provide a glimpse into the student experience for campus visitors. Responsibilities include leading campus tours, staffing special events, and assisting with university ceremonies. Some examples of special events include staffing the president’s suite at football games, receptions at the university president’s home, Board of Trustee dinners, and Opening and Founders’ Day Convocations. Listed below are our current leadership for the organization.

President: Tim Skapek
Secretary: Alex Pierson
New Member Coordinator: Brendan Burg
Vice President: Nima Mohammadi
Events Coordinator: Olivia Coletta


Each spring, we select approximately twenty students to join D&D. About half of each graduating class joins as freshmen and the rest as sophomores.

Class of 2020

Briana Buford
Grace Egan
Margo Gray
Jack Gundersen
Carolyn Hoover
Hannah Horowitz
Uwa Ihionkhan
Drew Learner
Rasheca Logendran
Nima Mohammadi
Tristan Mulhotra
Cindy Pan
Alexander Pierson
Tanya Riordan
Trilok Sadarangani
Kameron Sedigh
Michael Scheinert
Tim Skapek
Elle Smyth

Class of 2021

Collins Abanda

Brendan Burg

Edward Coles

Olivia Coletta

Matthew Cone

Alex Chukwuma

Elena Gray

Lucas Gonzalez Pagliere

Carmela Guaglianone

Aasha Henderson

Steven Herrera

Ila Kaul

Olivia Kramer

Bryant Lewis

Amina Mohamed

Hamilton Murrah

Caroline Pace

Joseph Touma

Mary Helen Wood

Sydney Wilkerson

Class of 2022

Nick Deparle

Carlee Goldberg

Muazzam Khan Noorpuri

Caroline Kincaid

Nikki Mahendru

Lexi Witherspoon

Christina Zhang



Kaitlin Briggs
Terry Chambliss
Audrey Dail