About Dukes & Duchesses

Dukes and Duchesses was established in 1979 as an organization of volunteers dedicated to representing the Office of the University President and Duke University at large. As student ambassadors for President Brodhead, members of Dukes and Duchesses provide a direct student contact to distinguished visitors, Trustees, and guests of the President. Responsibilities include leading campus tours, staffing the President’s Box during home football games, and assisting with special events such as the Board of Trustees dinner.

President: Hannah McCormack
Secretary: Apara Sivaraman
New Member Coordinator: Anjelica Hubbard
Vice President: Colin Power
Events Coordinator: Samantha Miller


Class of 2017
Uzoma Ayogu
Alex Blutman
Anjelica Hubbard
Allen Jones
Hannah McCormack
Will Ponce
Colin Power
Apara Sivaraman
Steven Soto
Tory Trombley
Zach Visco
Henry Washington
Elle Wilson
Class of 2018
Dante Cordaro
Chris Foote
Catherine Foy
Riyanka Ganguly
Sarah Jacobs
Nathalie Kauz
Sophia Kelly
Kyle Miller
Samantha Miller
Ade Okunyade
Thomas Palisi
Brennan Steele
Isabella Turchetta
Houston Warren
Austin Wu
Class of 2019
Tory Andrews
Paula Ajumobi
Analese Bridges
George Elliot
Francis L’Esperance
Louden Richason
Hillary Song
Myla Swallow
Sloan Talbot
Kaitlin Briggs
Terry Chambliss
Audrey Dail



Membership in this group is a privilege that requires great responsibility, as D&D ambassadors are frequently university guests’ only contacts with undergraduates during their visit. Members demonstrate their commitment by following the guidelines outlined below.

  • Attendance at weekly meetings is mandatory
  • Members must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher
  • Each member must work at least one football game every fall
  • Each member must guide at least two campus tours per semester
  • Each member must volunteer a minimum of twelve (12) hours in the Fall and eight (8) hours in the Spring


Dukes and Duchesses is a tight-knit organization that allows members to become intimately involved with the University and its administration. Participation in D&D facilitates substantial personal and professional growth, as well as provides the opportunity to serve Duke University. We invite first- and second-year undergraduates to apply in the spring.

Please direct any questions to

Colin Power at ddrecruitment2017@gmail.com

The application process consists of a written application and Duke history test, after which we invite candidates to a first round interview and an open house to meet members of D&D. Candidates are then invited to a final round of interviews before we make final selections. We will be posting updates about recruitment on our website and Facebook page.

The application is due Monday, February 13th by midnight. Completed applications should be sent to ddrecruitment2017@gmail.com.

The test dates are February 15th and February 16th at 7pm.

Prospective members can find the application here and the study guide here.