RAIN or SHINE: 9.12.23

Thank you to everyone that came out to our first general meeting! We had a great chat with delicious pizza 😛

We are planning on having lots of fun activities this year, starting with our next event in October. Be on the lookout for the event details in the future.

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A New Year of Updates

We are almost 2-weeks into the Spring 2018 semester and Duke SACNAS has already had one event, with many more to come!

A Pre-Graduate School Resource

Last Tuesday we hosted our first ever “Mock Graduate School Interview Workshop” for members of the Duke community. This workshop, spearheaded by our own Vice-President Sara P. (Cell Bio), was part two of series of events to provide undergraduates or post-baccalaureates in STEM the opportunity to learn about graduate school and practice their interview skills. We extend a huge thank you to the graduate students, post-docs, and faculty that volunteered their time and experience to make this a successful event!

Upcoming Event News

Due to last weeks “snowpocalypse,” we postponed our annual Tango Workshop with Durham Tango until a tentative date of March. Once we confirm dates, times, and locations, we’ll provide further updates.

Keep your eyes peeled for our monthly meeting dates and times. Everyone is welcome to these meetings, where we discuss upcoming events, talk about what we want to do as a group, update our constitution, and much more!

Elections for the 2018 Executive Board. Per our constitution, we will be holding elections for our 2018 e-board mid-semester. Interested in programming, outreach, or finance? Check out our positions and email current or past board members to figure out what the job entails.

Hope to see and meet people soon!

Ray – Duke SACNAS Prez

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