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Program Overview

THE RESEARCH SCHOLARS PROGRAM is both a community of scholars and a network of support. Our members comprise of students searching for an meaningful research experience as well as those who have already found a research project and are seeking a group with which they can share experiences, challenges, and engaging research topics. The Student-Mentor Matchmaking Program and Student-Researcher Seminars are of value to students with any level of research experience, from those who have never picked up a pipette to those with published research already under their belts.

Student-Mentor Matchmaking Program
For students eager to connect with research mentors for the first time, this portion of the program integrates what we believe are among the most critical components of a positive research experience and combines that with a process that allows motivated students to connect with dedicated research mentors (and vice-versa). Our hope is that RSP provides for our students the means for a first significant step toward a sustained commitment to scientific research, and for our mentors a partnership that will contribute significantly to their own work. Students in the matchmaking program are also required to attend the student-researcher seminars to share their experiences.

Student-Researcher Seminars
For students in the Student-Mentor Matchmaking Program and those who have already found mentors, the biweekly Student-Researcher Seminars provide the opportunity to meet with fellow students pursuing research as well as faculty. Throughout the course of a semester, students work with Duke researchers and participate in series of professional development seminars. At the end of the program, the scholars will cap their experiences with formal presentations of their own research projects.

How does RSP help Undergraduate students?

  • Connects students with research mentors and fitting projects
  • Provides a network of support and guidance
  • Serves as a structured introduction to scientific research
  • Exposes students to diverse research interests
  • Equips students with skills and techniques to succeed in lab research
  • Provides resources for preparing for a career in scientific research
  • Supplies opportunities to explore different angles of scientific research with like-minded students
  • Gives a chance to communicate research findings

How does RSP help Mentors?

  • Removes the time barrier involved in identifying qualified and motivated students
  • Provides an opportunity for interested faculty/graduate students/postdoctoral fellows to engage with undergraduates
  • Facilitates a streamlined introduction for students to the laboratory setting, including a student commitment contract
  • Enables mentors to share their research interests either through seminar presentations or direct student interaction
  • Connects faculty/postdoctoral fellows/graduate students with undergraduates who have potential to pursue long-term research projects within a lab
  • Mentors are given full control over the final selection of students

For more information on what past students have done, please visit their blogs and take a look some of what was presented at the final chalk talk!

Any Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at dukeresearchscholars@gmail.com